Members of this simm are expected to follow the rules and regulations of both the USS Wolff and Theta Fleet at all times, both in character and out of character. By continuing, you affirm that you will simm in a proper and adequate manner.

Further, by submitting this application, you agree that the GMs of the simm may use various means, including but not limited to search engines and social media, to verify your past simming history or confirm details of your application to their satisfaction.

Members who choose to make ultra short posts, post very infrequently, or post posts with content more explicit then permitted aboard the Wolff will be removed immediately, and by continuing, you agree to this.

In addition, in compliance with Theta Fleet's policy regarding 18+ simms, we do not accept players under the age of 18. Any players found to be under the age of 18 will be immediately removed without question. By agreeing to these terms, you are also saying that you are above the age of 18.

Current Theta Fleet Rules are available here. Current rules for the USS Wolff can be found here.