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Commodore Anise Denevre

Name Anise Denevre

Position Recurring Character

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 38

Starfleet Info

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel


Father Paul
Mother Ginese
Brother(s) Germain

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests Ever since she can remember, Anise has had a fascination with the world around her. Her main recreational activities are an extension of that, allowing her to explore the worlds she comes across.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, French

Character History / Other

Personal History Born to Paul and Ginese on May 12, 2348 in Paris, France. Anise is the youngest of two children. Her brother, Germain, serves at Starfleet Academy as an instructor.

Anise's early years were very liberal, her parent's gave her free reign to explore whatever she wanted to. As she grew, Anise developed a fondess for living things. She spent hours exploring the land around her parent's estate.

By her mid teens, Anise had developed skills in a number of outdoor activities. These activities were mainly aimed at letting her go farther afield in her explorations. By 16 she was proficient at climbing, hiking, as well as some rudimentary piloting skills in small craft.


After graduation from high school with honors in biology & chemistry, Anise entered a degree program at Oxford University on Earth. She studied for four years, concentrating in the sciences though she did take some courses in the arts & humanities.

Upon graduation from Oxford, Anise attempted to find work at a number of the major research centers in the Federation. As none were able to accept her, and her unwillingness to do something beneath her training, Anise approached Starfleet.

After discussions with several instructors at starfleet, Anise was permitted to train at the academy through a laddering program. After two years of intensive training, Anise was assigned to Starbase 74 for her first posting. She served aboard the station for several years, working her way up to duty supervisor and earning a promotion to Lieutenant.

With the end of the Dominion war and Starfleet's return to a peacetime footing, the demand for science officers aboard ships increased drastically. The new territories opened up by the Dominion's defeat brought vast new areas to explore and catalog. At the CSO's insistence, Anise applied for an Asst CSO position on-board the Nebula class USS Lexington. Much to her surprise, though not her CSO's, she was offered the position.

About a year after she transferred aboard, the CSO retired from active duty and Anise was temporarily assigned as Acting CSO while a suitable replacement was found. In the end the CO decided that since Anise was already doing the job, she might as well be formally given the job along with the requisite increase in rank.

Two years into her posting aboard the Lexington, the ship struck a cloaked gravitic mine while on routine patrol along the Cardassian / Breen border. The ship suffered extensive damage and the loss of almost a third of her crew, including several senior bridge officers. In the wake of the loss, and not wanting to shake up the crew anymore then he needed to, the Captain asked Anise to step up as the ship's XO.

Through the next three years, Anise continued to serve as the ship's XO and hone her skills in command. A short time into her fourth year, the command of the USS Wolff opened up in Obsidian Fleet. Her previous CO, Admiral Tal had been transfered to the recently reactivated Starbase 60, now stationed in the tri-border region. His successor aboard the Wolff, lasted only a short while before being recalled, leaving the crew without a CO. Anise was encouraged to apply.
Service Record 2375 - Graduates Academy
2375 - Assigned Starbase 74 - Science Officer (Ens)
2378 - Assigned USS Lexington - Asst CSO (Lt)
2379 - Promoted to CSO (Lt Cmdr)
2383 - Promoted to XO
2387 - Transfered to USS Wolff, CO