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Lieutenant Mikoto Misaka

Name Mikoto Misaka

Position Chief Security/Tactial Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31
Date of Birth May 2nd 2364
Place of Birth USS Egypt

Starfleet Info

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 120lbs
Build Athletic
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Mikoto has brown hair that is kept at shoulder length. She is half English, Half Japanese in origin so her facial features are less defined. She has a light yet athletic build which has always helped her in her line of work.

She is known for wearing a vested alternate of the Starfleet Uniform. This variant has been proven to help with movement. Mikoto was born with an eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa which doesn't allow her to see in the dark and affects her side vision. Due to it being a genetic problem she wears a scope on her forehead. She can use this device to see clearly, especially when she is using a phaser rifle.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Misaka Tabigake (Deceased)
Mother Misaka Jennifer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mikoto is a very down to earth and serious character. She cares for the people around her but she does control quite a temper. She can often be seen as a "peoper lady" when she wants to be. But generally she is tomboyish, prideful and short tempered.

She does however care about the people who are close to her and she has a big caring side to her personality. When she is off duty she likes to either relax with a good book or just take some chill time to herself with music.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Quick thinker
+ Good tactician
+ Physical fitness
+ Good with firearms
+ Very loyal and proud

- Unable to see at night without her visual lens
- Short tempered
- Can be hard to not annoy
Ambitions Mikoto's ambitions are to take the same steps that her parents did and excel in Starfleet. She would also like to one day find the right man, maybe get married and have children. She isn't too sure yet, she is seeing where her path will go to.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:
- Reading
- Listening to Music
- Playing the Violin
- Weapons training and shooting targets
- Running/Jogging
Likes / Dislikes Likes
+ Frogs
+ Children
+ Crepes
+ Oranges

- Annoying people
- Being girly
- People looking down on her
Languages Spoken English, Japanese

Character History / Other

Education Starfleet Academy - 4 Years Security & Tactical Training
Starfleet Academy - Advanced weaponary system handling & maintanence
Starfleet Academy - Advanced phaser firearm training
Personal History Mikoto was born on the USS Egypt in 2364. Her mother was the chief of engineering and her father was the chief of security. When Mikoto was born the Egypt had just started a five year science mission on the edge of Federation Space. The Egypt was a nebula class starship which was tasked with mapping and exploration.

When Mikoto was three years old the Egypt picked up the Borg cube that entered Federation space. However the ship was unsuccessful at stopping the Borg and was attacked in the process. The Egypt was destroyed and Mikoto doesn't have many memories of this event, however she does know that her father got her and her mother to an escape pod shortly before the ship was destroyed.

Mikoto and her mother returned to Earth after several weeks hopping on transports. There she attended school back in England where her mother was from. However Mikoto would reguarly visit Japan to visit her grandparents from her father's side. This is where she learnt Japanese.

Mikoto had a very usual upbringing. Her mother resigned from Starfleet after her husbands death. She worked at a local cafe where she would often work until late. Mikoto was often left alone to fend for herself. At age sixteen Mikoto told her mother she wanted to go into Starfleet.

At first her mother was against the idea. However Mikoto wanted to step in her father's footsteps and not make his sacrifice unworthwile. She got a part time job while she attended a college in England until the age eighteen. At Eighteen she enrolled into Starfleet Academy and was accepted onto the Security and Tactical course.

She spent four years at the Academy learning how to fire weapons and enjoyed holding a firearm. She also discovered that she was skilled with firearms and she excelled in tactician scenarios. She thought that she had gained her tactical mind from her father.

After four Years she graduated with the rank of Ensign at age twenty two. She was assigned to the USS Scarborough as a junior security officer. She was known for her physical fitness and in her second year aboard the ship she was involved in an incident. A criminal had escaped from the ships brig and Mikoto chased him around the ship for over an hour. She managed to subdue him and put him back in the brig. No other security officer was able to keep up with him for that period of time.

Due to her dedicated to the job she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and given her own security team. She enjoyed leading her own team of men and was known to run them everyday to ensure they were in best physical fitness. She also helped with with advanced training in weaponary and firearms.

In 2390 Mikoto was reassigned to the USS Hirasawa as their new Assistant Chief of Security and Tactical. The Hirasawa was an old Miranda Class starship. The ship was assigned to explore a system in deep space focusing on solar flare activity.

Mikoto and one of the ships Science Officers were tasked with mapping several planets in the solar system. However a large solar flare damaged the shuttles engines and the shuttle crashed on a nearby class M Planet. Due to the increasing Solar Flare activity in the system subspace communications were affected. Therefore Mikoto was stuck on the planet alone, the Science Officer she was with was killed in the crash.

She was then picked up after 6 months by the USS Wolff.
Service Record 2364 - Born USS Egypt
2382 - Starfleet Academy - Security/Tactical Training
2384 - USS Scarborough - Junior Security Officer
2386 - USS Scarborugh - Security Officer
2390 - USS Hirasawa - Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
2391 - USS Wolff - Chief Security/Tactical Officer