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Lieutenant Galatea Polaris

Name Galatea Celeste Polaris

Position Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1/2 Beazoid and 1/2 El-Aurian
Age 37
Date of Birth Oct. 10/2356
Place of Birth Betazed

Starfleet Info

Serial Number AB-077-5802
Security Clearence Level 5
Duty Shift Alpha (0800-1600)
Duty Station Sickbay, Deck 7 Office CMO
Quarters Deck 2 02-3412 SO

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 9in (179cm)
Weight 145 lbs(66kg)
Build Medium, Athletic
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Galatea is tall, slim, and athletic.

She prefers to let her hair grow long and now it reaches half way down her back when loose and her hair is naturally crimped. She has sapphire coloured eyes that seem to sparkle when she laughs.

She carries herself with grace and sensuality and seems to float off the ground when she walks.


Spouse None
Father Jonathan Polaris (El-Aurian
Mother Endora Polaris 3rd House of Betazed
Brother(s) Older - Antos, Saul, Grant, Benjamin
Sister(s) Younger - Cassiopeia
Other Family Aunt Callisto, Mother's Side
Grandmother Andromeda Mother's Side
Grandmother Celeste Father's Side

Personality & Traits

General Overview Galatea is quite the enigma. At times she is a calm thinker. She likes to work out her options before rushing into anything and only speaks when she is certain of things when it comes to work. She comes off as quiet until she gets mad which usually happens when she sees someone being bullied or someone is not taking care of themselves, that’s when her inner strength comes out. She is very much a protector and looks out for and cares for everyone but herself. During work hours she is fun, and the person who is always quick to smile and tell a joke. She cares about her clients and her love of her work comes out every day. It’s when she’s off duty that is when her shy self comes out. She exudes confidence and grace at work but in the quiet time her low self-esteem tends to rear its head.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength
She is loyal; she is driven, she loves her work, and is a detail orientated individual who loves research and reading. She never leaves a task unfinished. She is calm in tense situations.

Those she deems unintelligent annoy her. Stupidity brings out her sarcastic side. She is often said to be too honest because she says what she thinks and feels and is not good at sugar coating things.
Ambitions +to help people
+To be the best counselor and doctor she can
+To be happily married one day
+To live life to the fullest
+To get over her self esteem issues that she keeps well hidden
Hobbies & Interests Galatea loves to write, runs every day, meditates, reads, plays piano, sings, she loves flower arranging and swimming. Galatea loves to ride horses and will read whatever she gets her hands on. She loves to dance and is particularly fond of belly dancing.
Likes / Dislikes Loves Chocolate; Loves to keep fit; loves riding horses, swimming; Loves music.

Can't live without: History books, painting, music; glass of wine a day

Dislikes: Long silences always has to have music playing; people who are snobby; broccoli; tomatoes; surprises

Afraid of: Transporters, snakes, clowns
Languages Spoken Romulan, Vulcan, Standard Federation, Betazoid, Bajoran

Character History / Other

Education 2372-2374– Starfleet Academy Prep Courses Medical and Counseling

2374-2378 – Starfleet Academy Counseling and Medical.

2378 – 2380 – Surgery and Medical Training on Vulcan at the Vulcan Medical Academy

2380-2383 – Alternative Medicine and Naturopathy on Earth, Buddhist Medical Academy Tibet

2385 – Certificate in Crystal Therapy and Massage (Long Distance Courses at Starfleet Academy)
Personal History The Early Years

Galatea was born on Betazed to Endora and Jonathan Polaris. She is a member of the 3rd house considered the House of health and thus most of those from that house are in the medical or counseling field.

Galatea was born to a mother who was the head of the medical research department at Betazed’s Arc hospital. Her father was a professor at Starfleet Academy Betazoid division in the medical department. She did not have it easy. Her mother held her to high expectations and made Galatea feel as if she was never good enough. Her father was always distant preferring to focus on his affairs more than his family. Galatea often felt left out and as if she wasn’t good enough. She escaped her loneliness by focusing on her school work.

As a student she was smart, loved to learn, and was very inquisitive. Her teachers raved about her.

While in high school Galatea was in the drama club, the choir, the gymnastics team, and part of the newspaper team. She was also the captain of the horse riding team. Despite all this she was not the most popular kid and often ate lunch alone feeling bullied and made fun of by the other student for her half El-Aurian side.

During her high school years she was assessed and based on her IQ and her skills she was selected to be in a group of 10 students sent to Earth to be a part of the Starfleet Academy Prep Courses.

Galatea was excited about that and looked forward to joining the Academy prep school as it would take her away from her environment and would allow her to start over on her own.

The Prep Courses Year

Galatea took to her new life. Being away from her regular environment seemed to make her blossom. Even though she had a lot to study she found the time to really enjoy life.

She joined the local Vulcan philosophy and wellness club. She grew to know herself better and slowly started coming out of her shell.

During the prep courses Galatea focused on Counseling and Medical. She discovered that she liked counseling and medical and it was hard for her to choose a discipline so she decided to focus on both. She wanted to help people to make them well both emotionally and physically.

Again while at the Academy Prep Galatea joined the Academy Newspaper and the poetry club. She also started several study groups and even a stress reduction group to help students cope with the stress of exams and prep courses.

By the end of the year Galatea was awarded for her school spirit, her dedication to her fellow students and for her writing. Galatea felt ready to tackle the Academy and was looking forward to it.

The Academy Years

In the Academy Galatea was no different. She excelled in her studies and found herself joining every team she could. She ran a meditation group as well as joined the shuttle flying team.

Galatea was an avid swimmer in school and won several awards. She also joined the Academy Gazette and quickly became editor and chief. She found her voice in the Academy and joined the singing group.

She graduated at the top of her class in both the medical and counseling field and was determined to find a ship where she could do both.

In 2383 when she joined the Dragon she started her career as an Ensign. She worked under a mean woman who made it her life's work to make Galatea miserable. Galatea worked hard but nothing she did ever seemed right and she felt herself fading. In 2385 she applied for was transferred to the USS Pathway into a medical and counseling postion.

On the Pathway she excelled in her work and was loved by her crewmates. Her boss the CMO found her to be bright and helpful if not a little withdrawn I the friend department. She mentored her for two years and then was killed during an away mission.

Galatea was devastated and even more so to find that her old boss from the Dragon was now in her mentor's position. Once again Galatea withdrew and bided her time until the Assistant CMO position opened on the USS Blueline. She applied was accepted and off she went.

This posting was without incident. She excelled in her work but in the socialization aspect she kept to herself.

In 2391 she applied for a transfer to the USS Loma which would allow her to upgrade her skills. An old professor of hers from the Academy was the chief research officer on the ship and she was able to upgrade her skills and reconnect with someone who had inspired her in the field of medicine.

Kolteph the Klingon CRO saw that while Galatea was extremely intelligent she kept to her self. He had his suspicions as to why that was but never voiced them.

In 2393 she was recommended for a promotion and was transferred to the USS Wolff.
Service Record Awards

 photo WriterJul_zpssr54o2je.png

2383 - USS Dragon
Position: Medical Officer
Rank: Ensign

2385 - USS Pathway
Position: Medical Officer / Counsellor
Rank Ensign

2388 - USS Blueline
Position: Assistant Chief Medical Officer and Counselor
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade

2391 - USS Loma
Position: Assistant Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Chief Counselor
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade

2393- USS Wolff
Position: Chief Medical Officer and Chief Counselor
Rank: Lieutenant