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Civilian Ilana Jareth

Name Ilana Jareth

Position Civilian

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species (1/2) Kriosian (1/2) Vulcan
Age 29
Date of Birth October 31, 2366
Place of Birth Yuron Lake Region on Vulcan

Starfleet Info

Physical Appearance

Height 5 Foot 9
Weight 170lbs
Build Curvy
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Ilana was always a non-conformist. She was born with Vulcan ears and Kriosian spots that started on the sides of her neck and went all the way down her body to her ankles. She was born with telepathic abilities like most Kriosians but not as powerful and she could not adapt her personality to suite her mate as her siblings could. She had picked up more on the Vulcan side of her family with the exceptions that she was quite emotional. She has blonde hair and green eyes. She doesn’t have any tattoos but wants one. She loves colours so she will be seen wearing her purple glasses and lipstick. She has eccentric tastes in clothing and make up and in defiance of her father she pierced her Vulcan ears.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commander Votar of Vulcan
Mother Galaria Jareth of Krios Prime
Brother(s) Torbin
Sister(s) Aliara

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ilana is quiet and shy. She is very much the introvert. She takes a long time usually to warm up to people. She is a hopeless romantic that has been hurt so many times that she is afraid to hope. She has a great sense of humour and loves to laugh. She is loyal to her friends when she makes them but can be considered somewhat socially awkward and she speaks her mind at often inappropriate times. She has no tact and worries more about the truth then about being tactful. To avoid slip ups she just tends to keep to herself and is often found carrying bound books. She loves to read and study.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
She is an expert baker
She loves to make her own clothing
She is loyal and kind and caring

A bit naïve
Hard for her to trust people
She is too much a wall flower despite her flair for dressing different
She speaks without thinking and always tells the truth no matter how hard it is
Ambitions To find herself and to gain a position as a civilian archeologist and historian either in Starfleet or on Bajor or Vulcan as those are her specialities. To finish her PHD Thesis.
Hobbies & Interests Loves to bake, loves collecting miniature figurines and coins
Archeology and reading
Likes / Dislikes Likes:
Reading, listening to music, chocolate

Alcohol, clowns,
Languages Spoken Vulcan, Romulan, Betazoid, Kriosian

Character History / Other

Misc Notes PNPC Played by Galatea Polaris
Education 2366: Born

2375 – 2383: Kriosian Learning Academy

2383 – 2387: Vulcan Science Academy Undergrad in Archology and history (Speciality Vulcan and Bajoran History)

2387 – 2389: Masters in Archology Earth, London Civilian University

2390 – 2391: Placement on Vulcan with the Historical and archeological society

2392 – 2395: PHD courses on Betazed (Thesis still ongoing)
Personal History The Meeting

Lieutenant Votar of Vulcan,35 years old, was participating in an exchange program with Krios Prime. He was in the Medical division. While there he met and fell in love with Galaria Jareth, a beautiful young woman studying to be a nurse who was 20 years old and studying to be a nurse.

Galaria’s father, a big fan of Vulcan, negotiated a marriage contract between the two and they were married a year into his two year posting.

Shortly after Galaria stayed with child and gave birth to twins; a boy named Doren and a girl named Dalia.

Galaria, being Kriosian adapted to what her husband saw as a perfect mate. She loved all things medical, she was logical and well read, she liked the same foods, and found philosophy interesting. The marriage was going well and two years after the twins were born she was with child again with twin boys this time, Torbin and Telfon followed two years by Aliara and a year and half by another daughter Sarai. All the girls had been born Kriosian and the boys picked up on Votar coming out completely Vulcan. All the children were born with Kriosian telepathic abilities rather then Vulcan ones.

Both parents were proud of their children and after six decided that they would stop having kids. By this time Galaria, who had left Krios when Votar was recalled to Starfleet found her life to be a trial. She hated being on the ship and fell into a depression. In 2366 during a routine exam the CMO discovered that she was pregnant again. Votar was a bit cross himself that the birth control shots hadn’t worked but none the less he wanted the child.

In an attempt to make his wife happy he moved the family to Vulcan and retired from his Starfleet career to join the Vulcan medical academy as a teacher.

The Early Years

Ilana Jareth was born on an unusually frigid day in 2366 to a Kriosian mother and Vulcan father on Vulcan. She was born in the Lake Yuron region, a diverse area of Vulcan that many off world residents called home. This region was home to the P’Tranek Monastery a place known for its mental discipline and total logic. Votar was a regular at the retreats held here by the high masters and their acolytes.

To Galaria’s horror Ilana was born with spots only from the neck to her ankles and had Vulcan ears and facial features. Her hair was blonde like her grandmother on Krios prime and her eyes were an emerald green not seen on Krios or Vulcan.

The doctor’s revealed that there was a rare genetic mutation that caused the green almost glowing eyes and gave her unusual abilities with her eyes and sensitive hearing.

Ilana grew in both beauty and knowledge. She did however have some interesting quirks that her parent’s didn’t know what to do with.

Galaria resented Ilana for some reason and Votar was quite fond of her and proud of all she was able to do and her leaning towards logic. Feeling their mother’s aversion to her and feeling that she was their father’s favorite the other children (her brothers and sisters) teased her mercilessly.

Fearing for her well-being Votar sent her to Krios Prime to attend the Advanced Kriosian Learning Academy in 2375 while staying with his in-laws.

Ilana thrived and was loved by her grandparents. She was helpful and kind but they found her to be a bit odd with her sensitivities to light, sound, fabric, and her inability to understand how to relate to other children socially. She was great with the teachers who thought her to be an hold wise soul but found no pleasure in playing with toys and being a regular child.

The Science Academy

In 2383 her grades were so outstanding that her teachers suggested she attend the Vulcan Science Academy. She moved back to Vulcan and stayed with her mother and siblings. Her father Votar had already gone back to Starfleet finding it hard to relate to a wife who seemed to hate him and grow more and more bitter every day.

Ilana was growing more and more miserable staying at home. She excelled in her studies but the constant teasing from her sisters and the standoffishness of her brothers and her mother’s put downs were getting to her.

In 2384 unable to handle things she moved out and stayed in the Monastery while still attending the Academy and studying Archeology and History. The Monks found her logic flawless and her thirst for knowledge refreshing. She brought a lightness and freshness to the monastery that they had not seen in a long time and tried to encourage her to purge her emotions.

Ilana resisted but did keep her emotions hidden.

In 2387 she graduated and applied and was accepted into a Civilian and Starfleet accredited Master’s program on the Starfleet London Campus on Earth. She graduated, once again, top of her class and took on a placement back on Vulcan in 2390 finding an apartment of her own in Shikar where she thrived. By this time she had broken all contact with her family, accept her grandparents on Krios Prime and her grandparents on Vulcan. She had developed a love or writing and decided in 2392 that she would just leave Vulcan and go to Betazed to pursue a PHD in Archeology and History and to work on her writing.

The Recent Years

She finished all her courses in 2395 and was given a chance to write her thesis. She took some time and decided that before she could write her thesis she had to write her book and thus her journey began. She was also fleeing her family who’d come to Betazed to look for her. Using connections she knew she was placed on the USS Wolff where her friend Galatea Polaris was serving.