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Lieutenant JG Albert Wilcox

Name Albert Reoquon Wilcox

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 38
Date of Birth June 6, 2355
Place of Birth Bajor

Starfleet Info

Serial Number FSF-488-9960
Security Clearence Level 7
Duty Shift Alpha
Duty Station sickbay
Quarters CMO Quarters

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10” (178 cm)
Weight 160 lbs (73kg)
Build Toned
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Albert is best described as to having a swimmer’s body, his brown hair is always kept short and his eyes are piercing blue.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Edward Wilcox
Mother Amanda Wilcox
Brother(s) Stephen
Sister(s) Bethany
Other Family Uknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Albert is easy going but ambitious, however he feels he needs to prove what his abilities are. He is extremely loyal and devoted especially to the principles of the Federation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Albert is extremely kind and compassionate, his knowledge in matters of science are immense. He prides himself on being extremely loyal to his friends and crewmembers.

Albert has been known to feel and always try to prove his knowledge and capabilities, he has been known to get angry when people second guess his decisions. At times he feels inferior due to being a Bajoran or that others judge Bajorans unfairly. He has had depression issues specifically in not knowing his past family.
Ambitions To serve starfleet and his crew the best way possible, also to help further medical knowledge.

Hobbies & Interests When off duty Albert loves swimming, as well as reading and building model starships. Albert also stays busy by trying to get to know as many people as possible and learning new customs and cuisines.
Likes / Dislikes Albert has a sincere dislike for people with bad table manners, specifically when someone eats with their mouth open, he finds it revolting. He also despises people who are intolerant of other cultures. He does enjoy being with people specifically around a table with food and beverages, he tries to get to know everyone on a deep level.
Languages Spoken English, Bajoran and Cardassian

Character History / Other

Misc Notes Albert is trying to figure out who his family was or is, his knowledge of them is finite and due to this lacking knowledge Albert feels alone despite being adopted by a human family. Celebrates his birthday as the day he arrived on Earth, due to him not knowing when his actual birthday is.
Education Starfleet Academy, Starfleet Medical School, Advanced Tactical Medical treatments.

Personal History Albert Reoquon-Wilcox was born on an unknown date in 2351 on Bajor. His parents entrusted a smuggler to remove Albert from Bajor when he was only 1. The only reason he knows of his family name was due to a tag around his wrist with the last name Reoquon. The smuggler made contact with the Starfleet Vessel USS Reprisal, in hopes of finding a home for Albert. The first officer Edward Wilcox made arrangements to adopt the child who would be called Albert. Earth, specifically London proved to be a dream for young Albert, during this time he managed to focus on skills that if he had stayed on Cardassian controlled Bajor would never have flourished. Albert showed incredible intelligence, particularly in fields of science and mathematics. From the age of 15 he knew that he wanted to be a physician but a physician in Starfleet.

Albert entered starfleet academy on 2369, the atmosphere proved to Albert he made the right decision. Albert again thrived in his classes and quickly became known as a cadet who would do whatever he could to make friends. This became a problem when Albert tried to make friends with several other Bajoran Cadets. Much to their surprise Albert didn’t wear the customary ear ring nor did he know much if anything about his family, what made matters worse was Albert also didn’t follow the religious teachings of the Prophets. With this knowledge many of the cadets shunned Albert and considered him not a true Bajoran. Albert in turn researched and was able to learn Bajoran, both modern and ancient, as well as Bajoran customs. While still being ostracized among the Bajoran cadets, Albert developed a mindset of constantly having to prove himself, not only to himself but everyone around him.

Following graduation of Starfleet Academy in 2373 Albert entered Starfleet Medical school. This time was crucial in Albert’s education as a physician, specifically due to the Dominion war. Many of the classes focused on the wounds and injuries that occurred during battle. Albert, again flourished during this time and was able to graduate at the top of his class. Albert’s first assignment after graduation was the medical starship USS Mercy to assist in the ongoing relief efforts on Cardassia. Albert had one benefit that other Bajoran’s did not, he held no prejudices towards the Cardassians specifically due to him not remembering what it was like on Bajor during the occupation.

Albert, as friendly as ever became close friends to Cardassian physician Darej. This friendship grew and Darej was able to continue Albert’s education in medical techniques that Starfleet did not teach. While many celebrated being reassigned, Albert tried to stay, unfortunately for Albert he was transferred to the USS Monitor as assistant chief medical officer.

This posting opened Albert’s eyes to the universe around him and he developed a new appreciation for exploration. Under the supervision of CMO Commander Rutledge, Albert over time realized he had nothing to prove as long as he performed his best with every patient. Albert was able to calm down and appreciate the diversity of the crew of the USS Monitor even making friends with several Bajorans. From 2382-2390 Albert considered the Monitor to be his home. In early 2390, Albert was devestated when he was transfered back to Starfleet Medical to wait to be assigned to a new vessel as CMO.

Service Record Starfleet Academy 2369-2373
Starfleet Medical School 2373-2377
USS Mercy 2377-2382
USS Monitor 2382-2390