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Chief Petty Officer Hunter Payton

Name Hunter H. Payton

Position Head Nurse

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 1/2 Bajoran & 1/2 Betazoid
Age 33
Place of Birth Bajor, Kendra Province

Starfleet Info

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft (183cm)
Weight 235lbs (106kg)
Build Toned and Muscular
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue Eyes
Physical Description Hunter is a tall well-built man from head to toe. He is toned and muscular and very athletic sporting defined pecks and a six-pack that would make many drool. He has a naturally hairless chest and muscular arms and thighs. Facial wise he prefers to have a bit of stubble. Even though he has a half Bajoran heritage he was born without the nose ridges just like he was born without the token Betazoid black eyes. His eyes are a beautiful Bajoran sky blue that seem to shift in blue shades according to his mood. He has spiky brown hair and wears glasses that are black strong rimmed. He does on the occasion wear contacts.


Spouse None
Father Captain Jonathan Payton
Mother Diplomat Elithia Payton
Brother(s) Older Saul and Xander Payton (Both Lt. Cmdr. Starfleet Security)
Sister(s) Baby Sisters:

Emily and Eden Payton

Emily - Artist
Eden - Singer Songwriter
Other Family Uncle Nelis, Andron - Bajoran Monk

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hunter is kind, caring, compassionate and sweet. He has excellent bedside manners and is a friendly guy. He is somewhat shy at first because of his past being bullied and that’s why he cannot abide a bully. The only time he is forceful and rude is when he sees a fellow crew member who is being bullied he will stand up. He does have certain anxieties in a large crowed and that again is due to his being bullied in the past. He is somewhat soft spoken and has a calming presence. He fancies himself a bit of a nerd.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Kindness, compassion, strong moral values, healing, calmness and people skills, organization, detail oriented and drive to succeed.

Shyness can be a weakness as well as his insecurity. He sometimes needs reassurance and to be told that he’s doing a good job. Self-image is low so he doesn’t see himself as anything but average and as a result is prone to feeling sad and unworthy sometimes and keeps him from taking the personal risks.
Ambitions To be a great Nurse and to help his clients recover. He studies alternative healing with crystals and physiotherapy as well as massage and aroma and sound therapy. He wants to incorporate all this into his healing. To be compassionate and caring towards all and to eventually become a medical officer and have his own practice.
Hobbies & Interests Loves to read, writer music, plays guitar, loves movies and theatre. He meditates, works out daily, photography, holodeck adventures. Cooking.
Likes / Dislikes Favourite food: Ham and Cheese Sandwich and Cheeseburger Macaroni and cheese.
Favourite drink: Iced Tea and Coffee
Favorite Colour: Emerald Green
Loves: Chocolate and pecan pie

Dislikes: Angry people; people who are bullies, dark chocolate, alcohol

Can't be without: Chocolate and his pen and a notebook.
Languages Spoken Bajoran, Betazoid, Standard Federation, Romulan, Vulcan

Character History / Other

Education 2374 – Starfleet Academy Prep course

2375-2379 – Nursing School Earth, Civilian

2379-2382 – Physio Therapist Courses

2382 – 2385 – Massage and Crystal Therapy courses

2385-2389- Herbs and Natural Healing, Aromatherapy and Sound therapy courses.
Personal History Payton was born on Bajor in 2362 in the Kendra province during the end of the Cardassian occupation. His Mother Elithia was part of the Bajoran diplomatic corps and the Bajoran resistance and his father, Jonathan was a retired Starfleet captain who had come to Bajor to assist in the resistance.

The two fell in love and had Saul and Xander and then Hunter and then his two sisters Eden and Emily.

The Cardassians pulled out of Bajor in 2369 and finally Starfleet had a presence on the planet in 2372.

Payton always knew he wanted to be a in the medical profession and he had his chance when he applied for the academy. After receiving his acceptance he changed his mind and opted to be a nurse at the lunar colony. While there he studied medicine as well at a fleet school. He then transferred to the Mars colony and continued to work while studying medicine at a Starfleet civilian school. When he was faced with the opportunity to become a doctor he turned it down opting to remain a nurse.

He found himself studying alternative treatments with the Vulcans and then followed his brothers into Starfleet. Whereas they attended the academy he enlisted and started putting his medical skills to good use while working on gathering more information and learning new methods of alternative healing such as Crystal Therapy, sound therapy, aroma therapy etc.…

After a few years on the Dragoon he decided it was time for a change and applied for a promotion to the USS Wolff where he is the head of the nursing department.
Service Record 2379-2382 – Worked as Nurse Lunar Colony – Also studying Physiotherapy

2382-2385 – Worked as nurse at Mars Colony hospital Ares city – Also doing Massage and Crystal Therapy training

2385-2389 – Vulcan Monastery intensive study of herbs and Natural healing along with Aroma and sound therapy

2389 -2393 - Enlisted in starfleeet and worked on USS Dragoon. Petty Officer, Nursing Medical Dept.

2393 – Chief Petty Officer promotion assigned to USS Wolff as Nurse