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Commander Taliserra Tigran

Name Taliserra Tigran

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Joined Trill
Age 33
Date of Birth Mar 9th 2362
Place of Birth Trill

Starfleet Info

Security Clearence Alpha 2
Duty Shift Alpha
Duty Station Bridge

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 140 lbs
Build thin
Hair Color jet black
Eye Color dark green
Physical Description Taliserra is 5' 8" she has a slim build with jet black hair that when loose comes down to the small of the back. Her eyes are a dark green and her spots run from her temples to the bottom of her legs.

As is the norm with Trill's her extremities are slightly chilly.

Has a large scar on her right shoulder from a point blank disrupter shot.


Spouse none
Children Lashell Tigran- Born june 20th 2394

Taliserra does not know precisely who Lashell's father is as during the Wolff's first mission she was kidnapped by forced from the Mirror Universe and several of the guards raped her repeatedly.
Father Martellus Devore: deceased
Mother Selene Devore: living on the Trill homeworld

Personality & Traits

General Overview Usually reserved and quiet during social events, this is a trait exhibited by all the previous hosts and has continued in her but this came be overcome in time.
Once the ice is broken and she's gotten to know a person more, she is much more open with them
Strengths & Weaknesses has a rather low tolerance for pain both psyhical and mental.

Occasionally suffers bouts of PTSD from her torture and rape at the hands of Mirror universe guards
Ambitions To seek revenge on the Mirror Universe guards that raped her during her captivity although she doubts she'll ever get the chance.

To be a good host for the Tigran symbiont and a good mother to her newborn child
Hobbies & Interests reading, tinkering
Likes / Dislikes Despite its potential annoying factor of causing itchy spots Tali likes Icoberry juice
Languages Spoken federation standard, Trill

Character History / Other

Misc Notes Host 1: Ariana female gymnast died in gymnastics accident

Host 2: Altus male computer technician died of old age

Host 3: Darius male starfleet egineer died a lingering death in a shuttle crash

Host 4: Malteus male starfleet pilot died in a friendly fire incident during combat training in the biuld up to the dominion war

Host 5: Vian male freighter captain taken hostage while tranporting goods to andoria, killed by the hostage takers during a rescue attempt by the authorties
Personal History Taliserra Devore (pre joining name)

In early 2388 Taliserra took over a years leave to return to Trill to attend her fathers funeral and to submit herself to the symbiosis commission in an attempt to become joined to a symbiont. After a long period of assessment the commission finally accepted her and a few days later she was joined to a symbiont and became Taliserra Tigran.

After returning to duty in early 2391 Taliserra was promoted to full Lieutenant and reassigned to the USS Wolff as Chief of Operations under Captain Anise Denevre.

During one of the Wolff's first missions investigating a binary star in a nearby sector the Wolff was pulled through a vortex into what they soon discovered was the Mirror Universe, unable to move after taking damage from the transit the ship was soon surrounded by terran empire ships commanded by the mirror versions of the crew.

While the Wolff's command staff negotiated with the Mirror ships led by Commodore Denevre a plan was implemented by the mirror crew. The Wolff's captain was kidnapped along with Taliserra. Taliserra was subjected to several hours of torturous interrogation by her alternate who then infiltrated the Wolff and caused havoc until she was eventually discovered.

Over the course of several days of tense standoff between prime and mirror ships Taliserra was beaten and sexually abused repeatedly by many of the guards and crew onboard. She was eventually rescued from her captivity by the Wolff's complement of marines who boarded the mirror ship she was held on. The Wolff was eventually able to return to its universe.

A little under a month after they returned Taliserra found out that during her captivity her contraceptive shot had failed and she had been impregnated by one of the guards.

Service Record November 2391 Promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to USS Wolff as Chief of Ops

Ship listed as missing until May 2393

June 2393 Promoted to Lt commander and Executive officer USS Wolff

Jan 2395 Promoted to Commander and Commanding Officer USS Wolff