Misson 9 - Redux

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After surviving the Mirror Universe Incursion, at the cost of 2/3 of her crew dead or injured, the USS Wolff is finally back after six months in dry dock.

Part of Wolff Reborn

Mission 99 - Reflections

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Sometimes the best stories are the one's we can't tell in the context of a mission. This mission is here to allow the player's of the Wolff a chance to tell the stories of their characters that took place outside the Wolff.

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Mission 1 - New Beginings

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Fresh from the drydocks and outfitted with the latest in scientific suites, the USS Wolff prepares for her first mission under the command of Lt Commander Denevre.

Part of Reflections upon Ourselves

Mission 2 - Here there be dragons

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The edge of known space. Not since the USS Voyager has any vessel ventured out this far into deep space. A unique stellar phenomenon never witnessed by Federation scientists has drawn the USS Wolff out to investigate. Two Neutron Stars form a unique binary star system, a system that is in the final stages of collapse...

Part of Reflections upon Ourselves

Mission 3 - The paths we tread.

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Flung into a micro-wormhole, the USS Wolff finds herself in an unfamiliar and yet somehow familiar place...

Part of Reflections upon Ourselves

Mission 4 - Shore Leave (Home At Last)

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With the Wolff finally home, the officers and crew take some time off and visit their families.

Part of Reflections upon Ourselves

Mission 5 - Iron or Gold

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After their training mission, the crew of the Wolff is dispatched to commence patrols near the remains of the Romulan homeworld. A routine patrol, but nothing is ever routine in Romulan space.

Part of Shadows and Secrets

Mission 6 - Starlight

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A successful border patrol complete, the Wolff is sent off into deep space to do what she does best, map and explore the unknown reaches of space beyond the Federation.

Part of Shadows and Secrets

Mission 7 - Interlude

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Recently returned from her deep space assignment, the Wolff finds herself three years in her future. For some this is the end of the line, for some a new beginning, but for all some things will never be the same.

Part of Shadows and Secrets

Mission 8 - Shadows

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Ready to go after a major refit and shoreleave for the crew, the Wolff is reassigned to the Klingon border to aid in the patrol efforts. Enroute the Wolff picks up a distress call from the USS Endeavour which is under attack.

All is not as it seems, and the repercussions could have lasting effects on the Federation for decades to come.

Part of Shadows and Secrets