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Basic Information
Home SystemTellun
Type of GovernmentMonarchy
LeaderThe Dohlman

The Elasians hail from Elas, the inner planet in the Tellun system in the Beta Quadrant. Unlike its sister planet Troyius, Elas is not blessed with great mineral wealth, but its fertile plains and moderate climate sustain intelligent life in reasonable comfort.


Elasians are proud and unyielding. Showing weakness - especially to non-Elasians - is the most contemptible thing that an Elasian can do. This makes them difficult negotiating partners and hinders them in situations where they must cooperate with those not of their kind.


Elasians are humanoids characterized by their square-shouldered bodies, tan complexions, high cheekbones and almond-shaped eyes. Their culture dictates that they should cultivate a haughty demeanor, especially if they are of noble birth.

Elasian females are renowned for their beauty throughout their sector of the Beta Quadrant. In addition, in a curious twist of physiology, they secret through their tear ducts a biochemical compound that acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. It causes males of almost any humanoid species to feel a powerful sexual attraction to them. This compound is absorbed through the skin or mucous membranes.


Both the Elasians and their neighbors the Troyians developed the capacity for interplanetary travel in the 22nd century. From the moment that they became fully aware that another advanced civilization shared the same solar system with them, they became rivals, and rivalry quickly led to war. Elas and Troyius attacked, raided and bled each other for decades before they made first contact with the Federation in 2258. Both applied to join the UFP soon thereafter, but continued to spar with each other.

Federation geological surveys then confirmed that Troyius could serve as a plentiful source of dilithium crystals. This conferred great strategic importance on the planet. In 2268 Starfleet sent no less an ambassador than the Enterprise to aid peace negotiations between the warring parties. An agreement to end the war and betroth Dohlman Elaan of Elas to the Principus of Troyius nearly collapsed, however, when Enterprise Captain James Kirk briefly became enamored of the Dohlman after coming into contact with her tears. Captain Kirk shook off the effects of the tears and saw to it that both sides signed and swore to the peace treaty.


The Elasians' technological development raced far ahead of their social and political development, so that even as they had the capability to travel through space and project powerful weapons at other worlds, they remained a tribal and warlike race. Elasians owe their primary loyalty to their local chieftain, who has the right to demand service from all of their followers of military age (for most of their history, only males served as soldiers, but more recently some leaders have allowed females to serve as well). In turn, the local warlord owes allegiance to a regional overlord, although some local lords pay homage directly to the Elasians' overall leader, the Dohlman.

In practice, this semi-feudal structure, geared primarily to raising armies, is more flexible than it might seem. At each step in the chain, a noble may refuse to serve his superior, whether for personal reasons, doubts about the success of the war, or more sinister motives. In theory, this is outrageous insubordination, but in fact the worst that will happen to him is that he will not receive a share of the spoils of victory.

Each Dohlman rules for life, and upon the death of one all of the regional lords and more important local leaders gather in council to elect a new Dohlman from their ranks. These meetings are notorious for their intrigue, and they have occasioned many infamous assassinations down through the ages. The only Dohlman who did not rule for life was Elaan, who reluctantly gave herself in a dynastic marriage to the Principus of Troyius in 2268 to cement peace between the two civilizations. Upon her abdication, her nephew Dokuun of Panderos was elected to succeed her.

Elasians speak their native language, known as Elasian. Since the peace with Troyius, a few have learend to speak Troyian as well. Elasian nobility favor elegant-sounding names with drawn-out vowel sounds. Commoners have harsher sounding names.

Even after the peace with Troyius, Elasians honor the martial virtues and Elasian youths still compete to enter the service of their local warlord, hoping that ultimately the Dohlman will tap them for the Bodyguard of the Supreme Person. Some Elasians have also left their homeworld to serve in Starfleet.


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