Sheva III

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Sheva III
Astronomical Location
Quadrant Alpha Quadrant
System Sheva'sha System
Physical Characteristic
Classification Class M
Equatorial Radius 6,398km
Surface Gravity 1.037g
Moons one
Additional Information
Affiliation Cardassian Union
Native Race(s) Cardassians
Population 217 million

Located in the Dorvan Sector of Cardassian space, Sheva III is the second of two Class M planets in the Sheva'sha System. The four-planet system revolves around a giant red star right on the border of the Demilitarized Zone with the Federation. Both she and her sister planet Sheva II were discovered by the Cardassians in the mid-19th Century. It has a largely tropical climate, with a wet and dry season that alternates in the hemispheres.

Unlike Sheva II, III was populated by a primitive prehistoric monkey-like peoples called the Mangarane. In the process of stripping the planet of its natural resources, the Cardassians nearly wiped them out and they only reside on certain islands in the northern oceans today. The first colony was established in 1965. Pit-fighting became the planet's most popular past-time, first using native animals then adding prisoners, convicts, and slaves by the beginning of the 20th Century. "Gladiator" games are still held here, albiet hiddened from the prying eyes of any authorities. When he was a slave as a teenager, Vory Kalidor fought in the bi-annual contests there until he escaped in 2371.

Similiar to many Cardassian worlds after the military took over, Sheva III is home to an large military complex, training depot, and R&R center. It also sported a sizable military hospital. During the Klingon raids into Cardassian space in 2375, General Martok attacked the Jem'Hadar breeding facility on Sheva II, then went after the military base here. They moderately damaged the base, but destroyed the hospital and several thousand Cardassian sick and injuried. This fact was never released by the Cardassians until after the war, and the Klingons continue to deny having done it.