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Telepaths can read thoughts, empaths can read emotions. The only exceptions are when reading the minds of species with four lobed brains, most notably, the Ferengi.

The ability of a telepath or empath can be easily referenced using the following table:

Telepathic/Empathic Rating
0 No telepathic or empathic abilities
0+ Extrasensory Perception (ESP)
1 Same species, touch only
2 Same species, no contact required
3 Species with two lobed brain, touch only
4 Species with two lobed brain, no contact required
5 Any species, touch only
6 Any species, no contact required
NR Non-readable entity; most likely four-lobed brain
  • When writing the reference, include a T before the number for a Telepath (T3) and an E for an Empath (E5).
  • Use NR for non-readable individuals. For instance, Ferengi would be listed as T0 NR because they possess no telepathic abilities (T0) and are non-readable (NR) due to their four-lobed brains.

List of T/E Ratings for Telepathic/Empathic Species and Non-Readable Species

Species Pop % Ability Rating
Betazoid All Empathy T4
Ferengi All 4 lobes T0 NR
Vulcan All Telepathy T3

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