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Like all ships of Starfleet, the USS Wolff has a specific dress code for on duty officers. As of 2390, the following in the USS Wolff's uniform code.

The standard uniform worn by all crew while on duty aboard the Wolff. The uniform is based off the last two seasons of DS9 with a few differences and additions.

Department Colors

Aboard the Wolff, staff wear one of several department colors based on their assigned duties.

r-blank.png Worn by Command and Conn. g-blank.png Worn by Marines.
y-blank.png Worn by Engineering, Operations and Security / Tactical. c-blank.png Worn by Starfleet Fighter Pilots.
t-blank.png Worn by Science and Medical. v-blank.png Worn by Ambassadors and related staff.
b-blank.png Worn by Intelligence w-blank.png Worn by Civilians.

Duty Uniforms

The standard duty uniform is a three piece ensemble consisting of pants, colored undershirt (department specific color), and jacket. An optional skirt is permitted for female crew if they wish. A looser style jacket, designed to accommodate a typical humanoid pregnancy, is also available to female crew as required.

Class A Uniform - Male - Red.png Class A Uniform - Male - Yellow.png Class A Uniform - Male - Blue.png Class A Uniform - Female - Red.png Class A Uniform - Female - Yellow.png Class A Uniform - Female - Blue.png Admiral Uniform - Male - Red.png Admiral Uniform - Female - Red.png Admiral Uniform - Female - Red - Skirt.png
Men's Duty Uniform Women's Duty Uniform Flag Officer
Class A Uniform - Female - Red - Skirt.png Class A Uniform - Female - Yellow - Skirt.png Class A Uniform - Female - Blue - Skirt.png Female Maternity Uniform - Red.png Female Maternity Uniform - Yellow.png Female Maternity Uniform - Blue.png
Skirt Variant Maternity Variant

Specialist Duty Uniforms

In addition to the standard uniform, several special purpose general duty uniforms exist. Civilian technical staff in the Engineering, Operations, Medical, and Science departments may wear a technician's jumpsuit as required by their job description. Starfleet Officers and NCO's are not permitted to wear this uniform. The chief Engineer, in a nod to tradition, is permitted to wear one of the below uniform jackets if they so wish.

Medical staff, regardless of rank, are permitted to wear a lab coat as required for their job. Counseling Staff, when not on bridge duty, may wear a simplified unifrom as shown below. When on bridge duty, Counseling staff are expected to wear the standard blue uniform of Medical/Sciences

Cadet uniforms are similar in all respects to standard issue uniforms except that the uniform is a grey color with their departmental color worn on the uniform shoulders and a stripe around the wrist of the jacket. Cadets are normally expected wear the standard style uniform unless directed otherwise by their supervisor.

Jumpsuit - Male - Red.png Jumpsuit - Male - Yellow.png Jumpsuit - Male - Blue.png Jumpsuit - Female - Red.png Jumpsuit - Female - Yellow.png Jumpsuit - Female - Blue.png
Men's Jumpsuits Women's Jumpsuits
Chief Engineer's Tunic 1.png Chief Engineer's Tunic 2.png CMO Working Tunic.png CMO Working Tunic - Skirt.png Counselor Uniform - Informal 1.png Counselor Uniform - Informal 2.png
Engineer's Tunic Medical Labcoat Counselor's Uniform (off-bridge)

Specialty Uniforms

Recognizing the need for Starfleet personnel to be properly clothed for protection against environmental conditions planet-side as well as hazardous conditions anywhere Starfleet operates, several special purpose uniforms have been developed. These are to be worn as conditions dictate.

Starfleet has also developed a special purpose exercise uniform for use by crew while undergoing physical training or other strenuous physical activities. These are permitted to worn anytime a crew member is off duty, or is on duty and undergoing physical training. Outside of PT, this uniform is not to be worn while on duty.

For larger vessels that carry fighters, the extensive pace of operations has dictated a specialized uniform system to permit crew identification. Based on the color system of the former US Navy Deck Crew Jumpsuits are worn in place of the standard duty uniform.

DesertCmd.gif DesertEngOps.gif DesertSciMed.gif Arctic.gif Spacesuit.gif DesertCmd2.gif DesertEngOps2.gif DesertSciMed2.gif
Desert Wear Misc Exercise Uniforms

Dress Uniforms

Official functions both on and off-board ship is expected of starfleet crew and special purpose formal attire has been developed for this. A formal jacket designed to be worn in place of the duty jacket when in attendance at formal events. Enlisted personnel wear a special purpose grey formal uniform for such occasions. As with the duty uniforms, a skirt is allowed to be worn by female crew.

DressAdm.png DressAdmSkirt.png DressCaptain.png DressCaptainSkirt.png DressOff.png DressOffSkirt.png DressEnlisted.png DressEnlistedSkirt.png
Admiral's Uniform Captain's Uniform Officer's Uniform Enlisted Uniform


Class A Uniform - Undershirt - Male - Red.png Class A Uniform - Undershirt - Male - Yellow.png Class A Uniform - Undershirt - Male - Blue.png Class A Uniform - Undershirt - Female - Red.png Class A Uniform - Undershirt - Female - Yellow.png Class A Uniform - Undershirt - Female - Blue.png Class A Uniform - Undershirt - Female - Red - Skirt.png Class A Uniform - Undershirt - Female - Yellow - Skirt.png Class A Uniform - Undershirt - Female - Blue - Skirt.png
Men's Uniform Undershirt Women's Uniform Undershirt Women's Uniform Undershirt (skirt variant)

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