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A Brief Synopsis of the Lupesi al Tryslin Race (Will edit with the Letrani al Tryslin race soon)

A long time ago in a galaxy very close to home.... though the planet was far, far away.

A group of advanced scientists decided to play god. They created three races from DNA gathered from around the galaxy. The first was the Letrani al Tryslin, a humanoid race that had quite a lot in common with the Terran bat. The second was the Lupesi al Tryslin, who I will be discussing today. The third was the Okapi al Tryslin. The last was the least humanoid of all, being related to a giraffe-type animal. All three races were given a large capacity for engineering, though each individual was able to have his own interests.

The Lupesi aren’t extremely humanoid. They have a somewhat Centaurish body, comprised of Kangaroo, Wolfish, and human-like characteristics. Their hind legs aren’t good for walking, but can be used for both short hops and long ones, like the Earth Kangaroo. They have seven limbs: legs, forelimbs (semi-prehensile paws, good for grasping, but without fine manipulation), four-fingered hands (fine-boned and very agile with opposing thumbs), and thick muscular, prehensile tails.

A Lupesi child is born with a very light yellow-white fur, which darkens over time. When a cub reaches puberty, the color changes to indicate gender. Females are a purplish color, and the males are very blue. Again, fur color darkens with age. Because of the sameness of cub-fur, childrens’ genders aren’t extremely easy to tell, and so they’re never taught to differentiate until puberty’s change comes along. As a result, male and female Lupesi are found equally mixed in all of the stations’ occupations.

All ‘al Tryslin races are able to procreate with any mammalian race. Due to properties of their genetic engineering, mixed breed children will breed true to the ‘al Tryslin race instead of the “alien” races, which gives them a chance to widen the genetic base of the race without diluting the physical characteristics.

The most reliable way for any ‘al Tryslin to wind up in the Alpha Quadrant is an unstable wormhole. They’re not warp-capable, though they’ve been working on something like that for all of the 20 years they’ve been independent of their creators. The races are VERY young, having only approximately a century from creation to what the Tryslin considered to be completion. They do, however, protect their three moon-size stations with small one-man fighters. The wormhole is found in the asteroid belt not far from the planet they orbit.

The ‘al Tryslin have been at war for the last ten years with a race from the neighboring star system called the Coursani. At the beginning of this character’s development, I’m going to say that the Coursani had overrun the stations, and in order to escape destruction, the ‘al Tryslin races decided to run through the wormhole. The problem is, the wormhole is unstable, and so they were scattered throughout the universe, with only two actually making it to the Alpha Quadrant.