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Political History of the Federation and of the Obsidian Fleet. 2350 - Current simming year

Previous: 2300 - 2349

Thanks to The Daystrom Institute Technical Library and Memory Alpha.



(Current simming year)


  • Melani D’ian organizes the assassination of Raimus on Farius Prime, thereby gaining control of 30% of Orion Syndicate operations and becoming the most powerful Orion in the criminal organization in twenty years.
  • A bill supported by Grand Nagus Rom which would formally ally the Ferengi Alliance with the Federation fails to pass a vote in the Economic Congress of Ferengi Advisors after several lawmakers are bribed.
  • The Jem'Hadar in the Alpha Quadrant take control of Devos II, unpopulated and the location of an abandoned Dominion ketracel white storage facility, but Starfleet takes no aggressive action.
  • The Hobus star goes supernova and destroys Romulus and Remus, killing billions only 27 hours after evacuation orders are given; Starfleet orders a massive relief effort to aid the Romulans.
  • The rogue Romulan Nero in command of the Narada begins attacking Klingon vessels, prompting Chancellor Martok to order retaliatory attacks led by now-General Worf.
  • Ambassador Spock pilots the experimental starship Jellyfish to Hobus where he is unable to contain the supernova, leading to his and Nero’s disappearance.
  • After gathering intelligence on Mykona, the crew of the USS Eclipse track notorious arms dealer Julian Delvar to Isvor III and capture him.


  • Ryuu Incident occurs.
  • First contact with the Tellinii occurs.
  • The Romulan Mining Guild and the Remans enter into a dispute over mining rights in the empire, leading to skirmishes between ships.
  • The Remans are relocated to Crateris in the Gamma Crateris System over fears of a Praxis-like event.
  • After the murder of the head of the Tal Shiar, Sela is charged with the crime and exiled instead of executed at Donatra’s request.
  • Admiral Taris travels to Levaeri V to search for the ancient Sword of the Raptor Star, created by the Vulcan swordsmith S’harien and taken into exile by S’task.
  • King Xrathis of the Gorn Hegemony dies and is replaced by Crown Prince Slathis.
  • The Gorn and Klingons fight several border skirmishes.
  • Commander Data is re-commissioned in Starfleet.
  • Riots erupt across Ferenginar protesting the establishment of state schools, but are put down by Grand Nagus Rom.
  • The Federation and Cardassians sign a new treaty demilitarizing the Cardassians and bringing them under the wing of the Federation and Starfleet, Bajor drops its requests for the prosecution of prominent Cardassians.
  • The Jem'Hadar left in the Alpha Quadrant refuse to return to the Dominion with Odo, rejecting him as a false god.
  • The USS Eclipse makes first contact with the Borg-worshipping Efati.


  • First Contact with the Ryuu Confederacy.
  • Barzan Intinerant Wormhole rediscovered and stabilized.
  • Bunker Hill Incident occurs.
  • All non-Klingon residents of Khitomer are forced to leave, requiring Starfleet to send a contingent of ships led by the Enterprise-E to assist the evacuation.
  • Jean-Luc Picard resigns his Starfleet commission and is then appointed Federation ambassador to Vulcan.
  • The Soong Foundation, with the assistance of Geordi La Forge, successfully access the personality matrix of Data in B-4, further advancing the study of positronic brains.
  • Worf, son of Mogh, resigns his Starfleet commission and is appointed lead Federation ambassador on Qo'noS.
  • Annika Hansen, formally Seven of Nine, leaves her work with Starfleet after the Borg task force is dismantled and continues her work at the Daystrom Institute.
  • Tensions along the Klingon- and Federation-Romulan borders calm and many ships are pulled back.
  • The Romulan worlds are reunified under Donatra’s military might, and Sela, who became Praetor after Tal’aura’s death, is replaced by the weak Senator Chulan who defers to Donatra.
  • The Remans are granted citizenship within the Romulan Star Empire, with General Xiomek being made a Senator.


  • Starfleet increases its presence along the Romulan Neutral Zone, considering the Romulan crisis its greatest threat.
  • Tomalak is removed as proconsul after his defeat by Donatra and is replaced by Sela. Tomalak is forced to retire.
  • Tal’aura agrees to an armistice with Donatra and the demarcating of a border and establishment of a Neutral Zone between the two, Donatra agrees.
  • Tal’aura is found dead, the Tal Shiar declares it murder, leading to upheaval and wild rumors.
  • A diplomatic row erupts when a Gorn ship attacks and Klingon vessel and refuses to surrender the prisoners.
  • Arbaza becomes a Federation protectorate.
  • The Ferengi establish an embassy and gift shop on Deep Space 9 to encourage trade with Bajor.
  • The deactivated prototype android, B-4, is transferred to the custody of the Soong Foundation.


  • Food rationing is implemented on Romulus, sparking riots and intervention by Romulan troops leading to thousands of dead. As a result, Tal‘aura is granted special powers to strip noble titles, previously reserved for the Emperor, and to declare war without Senate approval.
  • Ambassador Spock returns to Romulus to work with the Unificationists.
  • Tomalak launches an attack on Donatra’s fleet at Xanitla, but is soundly defeated and further humiliated when Admiral Taris and twelve ships defect to Donatra.
  • Ancient archaeological finds from the Hebitian civilization on Cardassia Prime prompt renewed interest in the past amongst Cardassians, leading to the regrowth of the Oralians, an ancient religion dating back to the Hebitians, thus angering the True Way.
  • Division within the Klingon High Council is revealed when hardliners begin to challenge Chancellor Martok, accusing him of being a “pet” of Starfleet.
  • Starfleet JAG appeals the decision against the Doctor’s sentience, alleging the “Data Decision” only established that the Doctor was not the property of Starfleet rather than declaring him sentient.
  • The Soong Foundation announces research into the creation of a civilian version of the mobile emitter.


  • The Sazi system star begins to go nova.
  • To prevent a complete collapse of the Romulan Star Empire, Praetor Tal’aura allows food shipments from the Federation, but refuses the Federation’s offer to mediate the dispute between her and Empress Donatra.
  • Admiral Taris is appointed second-in-command to Fleet Commander Tomalak and is ordered to re-organize and mobilize Romulan military forces.
  • Praetor Tal’aura abolishes elections for senators and appoints them herself, but denies representation for the Unificationists and Remans, and alienates many noble families.
  • The Klingon Empire launches lightning raids into Romulan space, retaking Khitomer and surrounding worlds.
  • The Voyager’s Emergency Medical Hologram, known as The Doctor, gets an injunction against the transfer by Starfleet of his mobile emitter, thereby establishing a precedent for artificial life form rights.
  • 472 Cardassians wanted by the Bajorans disappear from Cardassia Prime, leading to a diplomatic row between the two.
  • Ro Laren is released from prison and joins the Bajoran Militia, becoming Head of Security for Deep Space 9.
  • Starfleet Marines are sent as peacekeepers to Aleron to bolster a pro-Federation government.


  • The Caeliar are rediscovered.
  • General Xiomek of Remus allies with Unification Movement founded by Ambassador Spock on Romulus.
  • Ambassador Spock presents a formal request for aid for the Unification Movement to the Federation Council, which agrees to take the matter into consideration.
  • Commander Donatra takes over several agricultural worlds in Romulan space, which allows her to declare herself the first empress of the Imperial Romulan State with a capitol on Archenar Prime.
  • Bajor leads a coalition of planets demanding members of the Cardassian government and military stand trial for crimes committed during the Occupation of Bajor and Dominion War, but the Cardassian government refuses.
  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard is charged with the task of upgrading the Federation’s defenses against a potential Borg invasion to be assisted by Seven of Nine.
  • The Hunley class shuttle goes into production.


  • Zarnac forces under Athon, Son of the Tenth House (known as the "Butcher of Dayos") launch an invasion of Deridous IV in an attempt to massacre the Forty-ninth House.
  • Koa joins the Federation.
  • The Founder known as the Female Changeling is sentenced for crimes committed against sentient beings and committed to the Federation maximum security facility at Ananke Alpha.
  • Ro Laren, a former member of Starfleet who defected to the Maquis in 2370, surrenders to Starfleet and pleads guilty to charges of desertion and is ordered to report to a penal facility on Earth for rehabilitation.
  • The Andak Project is launched under the direction of Keiko O‘Brien, a Federation-funded program intended to restore Cardassia Prime’s agricultural base, but is met with stiff xenophobic resistance from such groups as the True Way and Gul Macet’s conservative bloc of the government and is only allowed to proceed thanks to the influence of Cardassian governmental advisor Elim Garak.
  • The Antedeans join the Federation.
  • The Cardassian Union signs the Polaric Test Ban Treaty.



Star Trek: Nemesis

  • The Romulan Senate and Praetor are assassinated by Shinzon, who is in turn killed in battle against the U.S.S. Enterprise-E.
  • Tal’aura declares herself the new Praetor and is supported by Fleet Commander Tomalak, the new leader of the Imperial Defense Force.
  • Commander Donatra, with the support of Commander Suran and Admiral Braeg, commands a majority of the Fifth and Third fleets in rebellion against Tal’aura.
  • General Xiomek of the Reman Kepeszuk Battalion demands massive reparations from the now weakened Romulan central government, but Tal’aura commands Tomalak to blockade Remus.
  • The Science ship U.S.S. Copernicus while researching the Tikani eye discovers the Constitution class U.S.S. Endurance held suspended from the passage of time in a layer of subspace in the center of the phenomenon.
  • The first production run of 12 Luna class explorers is complete.



Voyager: Season 7


Voyager: Season 6


Deep Space Nine: Season 7 / Voyager: Season 5 / Star Trek: Insurection


Deep Space Nine: Season 6 / Voyager: Season 4


Deep Space Nine: Season 5 / Voyager: Season 3 / Star Trek: First Contact


Deep Space Nine: Season 4 / Voyager: Season 2


Deep Space Nine: Season 3 / Voyager: Season 1 / Star Trek: Generations


The Next Generation: Season 7 / Deep Space Nine: Season 2



The Next Generation: Season 6 / Deep Space Nine: Season 1


The Next Generation: Season 5

  • The Duras family is assisted by the Romulans. A Federation task group is sent to guard the Klingon/Romulan border.
  • When the genome colony on Moab IV is threatened by a stellar core fragment, the U.S.S. Enterprise-D arrives to divert disaster. Unfortunately, their involvement also ends the genome's hopes of a continued perfect society.
  • Cultural exchange established between the Federation and the Children of Tamar.
  • The U.S.S. Danube, first in a very successful class of runabouts, is launched from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.
  • An unidentified vessel destroys the Federation colony on Solarion IV. It is later discovered to be Cardassians.
  • The USS Nova, namesake of its class, is launched.
  • The USS Bozeman, missing since 2278, is discovered trapped in a temporal distortion inside the Typhon Expanse.
  • During a survey of the Argolis Cluster, the Enterprise-D rescues a Borg drone from a crashed ship.


The Next Generation: Season 4


The Next Generation: Season 3

  • The Angosians apply for membership in the UFP, but it is placed on indefinite hold after the USS Enterprise discovers their treatment of war veterans.
  • The USS Enterprise-D settles a population of nanites in the Kavis Alpha System.


The Next Generation: Season 2

  • The USS Yamato discovers the ancient homeland of the extinct Iconian civilization inside the Romulan Neutral Zone. Unfortunately, the ship is destroyed when an automated probe attempted to interface the Yamato's computer systems.
  • The Cardassians covertly attack the moon of Tessen, hoping to lure the Talarian Empire into war with the Federation.
  • While on the way to a conference on Pacifica, the crew of the USS Enterprise-D learn their Antedean passengers are assassins.
  • The USS Enterprise-D successfully relocates the Bringloidi to the planet Mariposa after their planet is threatened by solar flares.
  • Investigating the death of the crew of the USS Lantree, the Enterprise-D discovers a link to the genetically-altered children of Darwin Station.


The Next Generation: Season 1








  • The U.S.S. Pegasus experiments with a phase cloak system and is believed to be destroyed.
  • First contact with the Bynar.




  • The U.S.S. Stargazer engages a Ferengi vessel in the Battle of Maxia. The Stargazer wins using the Picard maneuver.
  • A deep space civilian vessel is captured by the Borg.
  • First successful test of a quantum torpedo by Starfleet.