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The Flight Corps.

Flight the people who navigate and actually fly the ships. They are the helmsmen and pilots for everything from the smallest shuttle to the Largest Starship. They plot the course and do their best to avoid spacial anomalies. They are the helmsman who monitor the ships position in flight. Taking the controls when nessecary, such as in battle, some other emergency or for docking/leaving a Spaceport. They keep the ship in position while in orbit. They dock the ship at ports or land on planets. Flight operates and maintains the ships shuttle and Fighter craft and bays. All Flight control officers are qualified to fly shuttles.

Fighter Pilots have a slightly different Academy path as they train in fighters rather then the larger ships. All Fleet and marine Corps fighter pilots and their maintenance support personnel are part of the Flight corps, but have their own command structure.

Flight also maintains a Conn station in the battlebridge of any ship that has the saucer-separation capabilities as the Separation and reattachment is a Flight control procedure.

Starfleet Fighter Pilots wear Blue Starfleet Uniforms, Flight Control Officers wear Red, while Marine Fighter Pilots wear Green.

Starfleet Flight Corps

Flight Officers are assigned to Flight Control or as one of the Fighter Pilot Units aboard a Starbase or Starship.

Flight control jobs include Helmsman, navigator, Shuttle pilots and Maintenance. They also supervise and organize Search and Rescue teams (SAR). Those teams involve members from Medical, engineering, and Security. The flight Department Chief is part of the Command Staff of the ship

Fleet and Marine corps Fighter units are the pilots and crew of the Fighters. This includes the people who maintain, prepare for combat, and repair the actual fighter craft. The Senior fighter pilot is part of the ships command staff.

All Starfleet Personnel in Flight Control wear Red Starfleet Uniforms

All Starfleet Personnel assigned to the Fighter Pilot Units wear Blue Starfleet Uniforms, a color unique to the Fighter Squadrons.

Marine Aerospace Corps

All Marine pilots and weapon system officers are trained and qualified as Starfleet pilots or weapon system officers by Starfleet. Marine pilot recruits receive their commissions and attend The Basic Officer School just as all other Marine officers do. Then non-Academy trainees report to Marine Aviation Training Support Group to attend Aviation Preflight Indoctrination at one of the marine training stations. There they receive instruction in aerodynamics, support craft and fighter engines, flight systems, meteorology, navigation, plus flight rules and regulations.

Following completion, they are assigned to Primary Flight Training. All ranks of SFMC pilots are trained at Camp Mimas for 6 months, using the Academy Flight Range for flight training and piloting exercises. All pilots receive certification in the operation of Starfleet shuttles, runabouts as well as the Wyvern Hopper and Firefly transports. Commissioned officers who show the desire and physiological aptitude for starfighter pilot continue to Advanced Flight School.

After completion of Flight School, commissioned SFMC officers attend Advanced Flight School where they receive their certification in the Broadsword , Raptor, and Razor starfighters. Upon completion, students are designated as Starfleet Aviators and are awarded the Starfleet Aviator Insignia. From that point, they are trained at a Fleet Replacement Squadron in operations from a Starship. After completion, aviators are assigned to their first squadron.

Non-Academy Marine Pilots receive From Basic training, Basic Officer School, preflight, flight, Advanced flight, and ship operations take 30 months of training. Upon successful completion Training, new pilots will select which type of fighter craft they would like to fly, however assignments are in accordance with the needs of the Corps.

All SFMC Fighter Pilot Units wear Green Starfleet Uniforms.


Broadsword class
Peregrine class - retired from front-line service
Razor class
Valkyrie class
Raptor class

Aerospace Handbook

Flight Positions

There are two sub branches of Flight, Flight Control and Fighter Pilot. Once the Flight personnel have decided which sub branch they wish to develop expertise in, this is the career path they would typically advance in.

Flight Control Positions Fighter Pilot Positions
Chief Flight Control Officer Group Commander
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer Wing Commander
Shuttlebay Manager Squadron Leader
Flight Control Officer Flight Leader
Chief Support Craft Pilot Fighter Pilot Element Leader
Support Craft Pilot Fighter Tactical Systems Operator
Fighter Pilot