Celestial class

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Celestial Class
CategoryMilitary Waypoint and Resupply Facility
Expected Duration180 Years
Time Between Refit20 Years
Enlisted Crew47600
Main Height5880.6 Metres
Overall Height5380 Metres


The Celestial class is a type of starbase in use by Starfleet during the late 24th century. It is primarily used for resupply and repair of starships stationed on the frontier, the same role as the gargantuan Stardock class but at a much reduced cost in resources and time.

Bases of the Celestial class include Deep Space 5, Starbase Protector, and Starbase 97.

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays: 130


Broadsword Multi-role Assault Fighter: 24
Peregrine Heavy Fighter: 12
Razor Interceptor: 24
Valkyrie Space Superiority Fighter: 48

Garrison/Patrol Vessels

Wallace Light Escort: 2


Danube Runabout: 72
Talon Scout: 18


Hunley Shuttle: 12
Type 11 Shuttle: 150
Type 18 Shuttlepod: 84
Type 8 Shuttle: 300
Type 9 Shuttle: 250


Argo Transport: 36
Firefly Transport: 8
Wyvern Hopper Transport: 36


Defensive Systems

Ablative Armour
Advanced Holographic Decoy Array

External Defensive Systems

Guardian Class Defence Platform


Type XII Array: 340

Shielding Systems

Auto-Modulating Shields
High Capacity Shielding System
Regenerative Shielding


Burst-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 36
Photon Torpedoes: 10000
Quantum Torpedoes: 5100
Tri-Cobalt Devices: 600

Deck Listing

Deck Items
Decks 1-10 Primary Communications Array, Upper Sensor Array
Deck 11 Main Communications, Chief Communications Officer's Office, Primary Signal Maintenance Computer, Primary Signal Compositers
Decks 12-13 Operations Center, Captain's Ready Room, XO's Office, Quartermaster's Office, Secondary Long-Range Sensors (Upper)
Deck 14 Senior Officers' Conference Room, Observation Areas, Secondary Short-Range Sensors (Upper), Main Sensor Maintenance
Decks 15-20 Main Computer Core, Non-Departmental Administrative Offices, Chief Intelligence Officer's Office, Lifepods
Deck 21 Emergency Transporters, Lifepods, Weapons Storage, Auxiliary Environmental System Controls
Deck 22 General Conference Room, Transporters Rooms 1-4, Holodecks 1-5 (official use only)
Deck 23 Civilian Directors' Administrative Offices, Starfleet Command Offices, VIP/Guest Quarters
Deck 24 Administrative Offices, VIP/Guest Quarters, Senior Officer's Quarters
Decks 25-32 Junior Officers' Quarters, Senior Officer/VIP Dining Room, Banquet Hall
Deck 33 Starfleet Gymnasium, Holodecks 6-15 (recreational)
Decks 34-53 Enlisted Quarters, Lifepods
Deck 54 Science Labs 1 & 2, Main Astrometrics, Enlisted Quarters, Lifepods
Deck 55 Main Sickbay, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Chief Counselor's Office, Medical Labs 1 & 2, Surgical Bays 1-3, Critical Triage Wards 1 & 2, Primary ICU, Transporters Rooms 5 & 6, Lifepods
Deck 56 Secondary Sickbay, Medical Labs 3-5, Biohazard Research, Stasis Units, Diplomatic Corps Office, Judge Advocate General Offices, Courtrooms, Lifepods
Decks 57 Torpedo Magazine, Probe Storage, Backup Command Level Computer, Upper Stabilising Engines, Upper Phaser and Torpedo Controls, Primary Phaser Arrays (Upper), Torpedo Launch Bays
Deck 58 Federation Colonial Affairs, Diplomatic Communications Centre, Upper Stabilising Engines, Upper Manoeuvring Thrusters, Primary Shield Generators (Upper), Propulsion Fusion Reactors 1-3
Deck 59 Main Summit Chamber, Diplomatic Conference Rooms, Federation Representatives' Offices, Upper Stabilising Engines, Upper Manoeuvring Thrusters, Primary Shield Generators (Upper), Propulsion Fusion Reactors 4-6
Decks 60 Embassies, Command Level Fusion Reactors 1 & 2, Reactant Storage, Command Level Main Power Distribution Network
Deck 61 Science Labs 3-18, Chief Science Officer's Office, Science Section Heads' Offices, Cargo Bays 1-40, Cargo Transporters 1-20
Deck 62 Shuttle Commander's Office, Pilot Briefing Room/Ready Room, Pilot Lockers, Command Level Secondary Power Distribution Network, Secondary Shield Generators (Upper)
Decks 63-71 Secondary Operations, Main Base Operations Power Grid, Secondary Base Fusion Reactors 1-16, Reactant Storage, Transporter Room 7
Deck 72 Tractor beam Generator, Secondary Tractor Beam Control (Upper), Boatswain's Office, Cargo Bays 41-50, Marine Offices, Marine Holodecks 1-4 (official use)
Deck 73 Marine Mess Hall, Marine Barracks, Marine Gymnasium, Weapons Lockers, Shuttlebays 1-20, Shuttle Storage, Shuttlebay Fusion Reactors 1 & 2, Transporter Room 8, Cargo Transporters 21-25
Deck 74 Shuttlebays 21-29, Shuttle Storage, Auxiliary Craft Maintenance, Shuttlebay Fusion Reactors 3 & 4, Cargo Transporters 26-30
Deck 75 Shuttle Maintenance, Heavy Repairs Section, Shuttle Fabrication, Shuttlebay Fusion Reactor 5, Reactant Storage, Shuttlebay Power Distribution Network
Deck 76 Tractor beam Generator, Main Tractor beam Control (Upper), Transporters Rooms 9-19, Holodecks 16-19 (recreational)
Decks 77-130 Holodecks 20-24, Enlisted Quarters, Enlisted Mess Hall, Lifepods, Transporters Rooms 20-29, Emergency Transporters
Decks 131-140 Replicator Stock Storage 1, Industrial Replicators 1-10, Flight Command Crew and Flight Staff Quarters, Lifepods
Decks 141-144 Upper Promenade, Public Replimat, Observation Decks, Auxiliary Sickbays 1-3
Decks 145-150 Engineering Support Labs, Science Labs 19-24, Secondary Computer Cores (2)
Decks 151-160 Visiting Crew Quarters, School Rooms, Education Centre, Historical Library, Museum, Holodecks 25-27 (recreational), Lifepods
Deck 161 Visiting Crew Quarters, Life Support, Public Recreational Holosuites 1-20, Emergency Batteries
Decks 162-170 Visiting Crew Quarters, Public Recreational Holosuites 21-40, Emergency Batteries
Decks 171-199 Civilian Quarters, Transporters Rooms 30-39, Public Recreational Holosuites 41-70, Public Gymnasium, Main Doors Auxiliary Fusion Reactors 1-4, Reactant Storage, Upper Fusion Reactors (external ship support), External Docking Ports, Power Transfer Conduits (external docking)
Decks 200-210 Internal Docking Ports, Main Docking Bay Control Room, Internal Power Transfer Conduits, Auxiliary Sickbays 4-6
Decks 211-349 Main Docking Bay Emergency Control Room, Internal Docking Ports, Workbee Bays 1-15, Workbee Storage, Workbee Maintenance and Repair, Secondary Internal Tractor Emitters (Upper), Observation Areas, Engineering Support Labs
Decks 350-575 Main Promenade (100 decks), Arboretum, Main Docking Bay Doors (Upper), Main Doors Primary Fusion Reactors 1-8, Reactant Storage, Transporters Rooms 40-59, Workbee Bays 16-20, Workbee Maintenance and Repair, Primary Internal Tractor Emitters (Upper), Emergency Batteries, Cargo Bays 51-250, Cargo Transporters 31-100, Internal Docking Ports, Primary Forcefield Generators 1-24, Replicator Stock Storage 2-9, Industrial Replicators 11-85, Life Support, Lifepods
Decks 576-580 Security Decks, Chief Security Officer's Office, Holding Cells (all environments), Brig, Weapons Lockers, Master-at-Arms Office, Emergency Transporters, Primary SIF Generators (Upper), Waste Recycling (Upper)
Decks 581-648 Main External Docking Ports, Middle Fusion Reactors (external ship support), Primary Phaser Arrays (Middle Torpedo Launchers, Torpedo Storage, Primary Shield Generators (Middle), Tactical Sensors, Observation Areas, Civilian Quarters, Transporters Rooms 60-65, Tractor Beam Control, Generators and Emitters (Middle), Manoeuvring Thrusters
Decks 649-659 Auxiliary Operations, Emergency Batteries, Emergency Tactical Fusion Reactors, Reactant Storage, Shuttlebays 30-33, Primary SIF Generators (Middle)
Decks 660-885 Main Docking Bay Doors (Lower), Main Doors Primary Fusion Reactors 9-16, Reactant Storage, Transporters Rooms 66-85, Workbee Bays 21-25, Workbee Maintenance and Repair, Primary Internal Tractor Emitters (Lower), Emergency Batteries, Cargo Bays 251-350, Cargo Transporters 101-150, Internal Docking Ports, Primary Forcefield Generators 25-48, Replicator Stock Storage 10-15, Industrial Replicators 86-140, Life Support, Lifepods
Decks 886-1,024 Lower Docking Bay Emergency Control Room, Internal Docking Ports, Workbee Bays 26-30, Workbee Storage, Workbee Maintenance and Repair, Secondary Internal Tractor Emitters (Lower), Observation Areas, Engineering Support Labs
Decks 1,025-1,035 Internal Docking Ports, Lower Docking Bay Control Room, Internal Power Transfer Conduits, Main Doors Auxiliary Fusion Reactors 5-8
Decks 1,036-1,085 Large Craft Module Repair Centre, Emergency Transporter, Replicator Stock Storage 3, Industrial Replicators 141-240, Lifepods, Cargo Bays 351-400, Cargo Transporters 151-160
Decks 1,086-1,104 Visiting Crew Quarters, Civilian Quarters, Holodecks 27-35, Border Research Institute, Transporters Rooms 86-95, Waste Recycling (Lower), Secondary Tractor Beam Control (Lower), Lifepods
Decks 1,105-1,124 Main Tractor Beam Control (Lower), Tractor Beam Generator, Primary Shield Generators (Lower), Auxiliary Sickbays 7-10, Maintenance Bays 1-15, Primary SIF Generators (Lower)
Decks 1,125-1,127 Lower Stabilising Engines, Lower Manoeuvring Thrusters, Propulsion Fusion Reactors 7-12, Engineering Support Labs, Shuttlebays 34-48, Shuttle Storage, Shuttle Maintenance, Shuttlebay Fusion Reactors 6-8, Reactant Storage, Shuttlebay Power Distribution Network
Decks 1,128-1,157 Lower Phaser and Torpedo Controls, Torpedo Storage, Probe Storage, Emergency Tactical Fusion Reactors, Weapons Storage, Maintenance Bays 16-20, Engineering Computer Core], Main Engineering, Chief Engineer's Office, Engineering Labs, Prototype Technology Bay
Decks 1,158-1,250 Secondary Communications Array, Lower Sensor Array, Secondary Signal Maintenance Computer, Secondary Signal Compositers, Secondary Long-Range Sensors (Lower), Secondary Short-Range Sensors (Lower), Secondary Sensor Maintenance, Emergency Transporters, Lifepods, Manoeuvring Thrusters, Secondary Shield Generators (Lower)
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