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A Civilian is any individual within Starleet who is not attached through Oath. However, this does not mean that they cannot be attached professionally. From time to time, Starfleet will require specialists to assist them with conducting crucial missions, Mission Advisors, these usually come in the form of Experts from civilian fields.

More commonly, the civilian presence is established by Starfleet contracting out extra duties to civilian contractors, businesses or in some cases individuals. Whilst Starships usually limit their presence to positions pertaining to recreation and education. It is not unknown for Starbases to have fully function civilian parallels to Starfleet Departments/Positions.


Civilian Positions
Barber Bartender Boatswain (Civilian) Bounty Hunter Business Owner
Captain (Civilian) Cargo Handlers Chaplain Chef/Cook Dancer
Deck Hand Doctor (Civilian) Engineer (Civilian) Entertainer First Mate
Helmsman Kitchen Hand Lounge Manager Lounge Worker Master-at-Arms (Civilian)
Mercenary Mission Advisor Passenger Pilot (Civilian) Politician
Researcher Shop keep Signaller Teacher Trader
Federations News Service Correspondant

Civilian Organisations