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An Engineering Lab is a specialized Science Lab used by the Engineering Department to study and test various controls, structures, and materials as related to the engineering disciplines. These labs are used for everything from methodology to testing experimental substances to reverse-engineering projects. It is also used in the day-to-day collection and study of certain ship or station samples, such as electroplasma, antimatter, and Deuterium fuel. Usually they are found on the Engineering Deck(s) close to Main Engineering, but stations may have them distrubuted throughout.

Like the similar Hazardous Materials Lab or Isolation Lab, Engineering Labs are constructed to protect the rest of the ship against accident and potentially dangerous materials. They have double-thick walls and bulkheads. It has it's own dedicated ventilation system and redundant containment field generators that also serve as the fire-suppression system. These labs are typically larger than most, with several workstations and accompanying consoles. Tools and scanners of all types can be found there.