Excelsior class (TME)

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Excelsior class (TME)
CategoryExploratory cruiser
Expected Duration100 years
Time Between Resupply6 years
Time Between Refit10 years
Enlisted Crew620
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity500
Cruising VelocityWarp 7
Maximum VelocityWarp 9.8
Emergency VelocityWarp 9.99 (for 12 hours)
Length467 meters
Width185 meters
Height100 meters


The Excelsior-class was a type of Federation starship first built in the 2280s to replace the Consitution class of Starships. The prototype of this class, the USS Excelsior, was initially fitted with a transwarp drive and proclaimed as "the Great Experiment." The ship had an ignoble start when its engines were sabotaged after being called into action to prevent the theft of the USS Enterprise from Earth Spacedock in 2285. The ship was then refitted with standard warp drive and the Excelsior Class went on to become one of the longest serving and most widley produced starships in Starfleet history.

Originally designed as a purely exploratory vessel, the Excelsiors quickly became the backbone of the fleet taking on the additional role of heavy cruiser to project the power and authority of the Federation throughout the galaxy.

Auxiliary Craft

  • Shuttlebays: 1
    • Shuttles
      • Type 1 Shuttle: 4
      • Type 3 Shuttle: 4
      • Type 4 Shuttle: 4
    • Workpods
      • Work Bee Workpod: 8


These specs are for The Movie Era (TME - 2280s) Excelsior.

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