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The Indarka are a carbon based life form and dominant species populating the Sazi star system. Phyiscally they have the classic humanoid characteristics. Almost androgenous in appearence they have also been stated to look almost ethereal in nature, there are two sexes however it would take more than a cursory glance to notice the difference. Average height for the Indarka is over 6 foot. Average life span 310 years.

The Indarka are goverened by one person, the Impari. This role is almost a birth right and the position and title have been handed down through the same family for over 4000 years.

The Indarka are a spiritual species who believe that a group of dieties known as the Sky creatures look over them and guide them through physical existence and beyond. For the Indarka they do not see death as the end but as the next step in life in which they will evolve to a higher state of being and take there place beside the Sky Creatures overlooking and caring for there people.

Fiercley independant the Indarka for many years have been an isolationist species and it has only been over the last 40 years that they have opened their borders. In early 2382 they invited the Federation to take part in a cultural exchange and research program.

The Indarka are not Federation members, they are a sovereign power and hold onto there independence, however the current Impari has stated on several occasions that perhaps the time is coming for her people to step out of the darkness and take a place amongst the galactic community.