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The Intelligence Corps is responsible for gathering and deciphering information and presenting it in a way that a Commanding Officer can understand. The information can come from a variety of sources including starship logs, operatives and contacts.

The Intelligence Corps is part of Starfleet Intelligence (SFI) and is under the jurisdiction of the Head of SFI and Starfleet Command.

Intelligence personnel wear grey.

Intelligence Department


The Intelligence Department is part of the so-called Support Departments on ships and starbases along with the Diplomatic and JAG Detachments (if present). The primary goal of Support Departments is to provide the Command Staff with vital information regarding the current mission or situation.

Duties of an Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officers support combat operations - performing and overseeing the analysis and merging of collected intelligence, and producing assessments to meet operational requirements. Responsibilities include exchanging and collecting intelligence with other services, agencies and governments, and analyzing data to advise planners of options to accomplish objectives.

Intelligence Officers evaluate mission accomplishments to determine remaining adversary capability and requirements for retargeting, and coordinate intelligence estimates and analytical activities. They coordinate input to intelligence operations plans and orders, and advise commanders on threat systems deployment, tactics and capabilities, and vulnerabilities. They also provide intelligence support and assist in the planning and execution of information warfare.

Military Intelligence

Military intelligence is information about the military forces of foreign governments needed to plan for the defense of the United Federation of Planets. Knowledge of the number, location, and tactics of enemy forces and potential battle areas is needed to develop military plans. To gather information, the services rely on aerial photographs, electronic monitoring using telescopic surveillance devices and sub-space communications, and human observation. Troop locations, battle tactics, and other secrets can be learned from listening to foreign military units sending messages to one another. Intelligence specialists gather and study the information required to design defense plans and tactics. Prepares in-depth studies on communications stations. These informations are one of the most important lines of defense for the United Federation of Planets.

Starfleet Intelligence

Intelligence Handbook

Intelligence Positions

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