Kourak class

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Expected Duration0 years
Time Between Resupply0 years
Time Between Refit0 years
Enlisted Crew3
Cruising VelocityWarp 3
Maximum VelocityWarp 5.5
Emergency VelocityWarp 6.0 for 4 hours

The information contained on this page has not been accepted by Obsidian Fleet's Research and Development department and is thus not an available ship class for a sim.

The Cardassian Kourak class fighter has been a mainstay of Cardassian fighter forces for over thirty years. The highly flexible design carries a large complement of weaponry, primarily phased polaron weapons and disrupter cannons, combined with a relatively high capacity shielding system, the latest Federation designs are only just beginning to catch up to the older Cardassian design in terms of one on one performance. The Kourak also comes in a number of other variants, including a Light Patrol Sloop and a Bomber variant, primarily used by the Naval elements and Ground elements of the Cardassian Military.

The Kourak class Fighter comes with two different weapons systems mounted, the first carries a pair of System 1 beam cannons, whilst the second carries a pair of System 3 disrupters and both versions also carry a trio of System 2 disrupters.

Although heavily armed and armored, the Kourak class is considerably slower and less maneuverable than contemporary Starfleet and Romulan fighters.