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The Starfleet Marine Corps, or SFMC, is a department of Starfleet founded in 2320, charged with being the dedicated peacekeeping, ground assault of the United Federation of Planets. The Corps represents the practical reality that, despite the vaunted ideals of the Federation which Starfleet embodies, they exist in a continuously hostile and aggressive galaxy and require a dedicated military arm to deter hostile actions and provide a dedicated force of soldiers to augment Starfleet's otherwise defensively-oriented military operations.

They are a relatively small department, and routinely detach groups of Marines to starships on an as-needed basis, depending on the mission and the commanding officer's desires.

Starfleet Marine Corps members can be distinguished by the forest green colored undershirt to the traditional Starfleet uniform and their unique rank pips.

Like all other areas of Starfleet, the Marine Corps has different specializations, from snipers and fighter pilots to the liaison officers.

Currently, the Marine Corps have a permanent base on the planet Aleron.

Marine Handbook

Marine Positions and Occupations

The following are Marine positions, divided into both infantry and aerospace, as well as the Marine occupations. Marines can hold a combination of the two. For example, a the position of Marine Wing Commander also has the occupation of Marine Pilot.

Infantry Positions Aerospace Positions Occupations
Commanding Officer Marine Element Leader Artificer
Executive Officer Marine Flight Leader Communications and Sensors
First Sergeant Marine Squadron Leader Corpsman
Platoon Commander Marine Wing Commander Fighter Pilot
Platoon Sergeant Marine Group Commander Gunner
Company Commander Heavy/Support Weapons Specialist
Company Sergeant Intelligence Liaison Officer
Squad Leader Pilot

Additional Information