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Miranda - TME Class
CategoryLight Cruiser
Expected Duration12 Years
Time Between Resupply3.5 Year
Time Between Refit5 Years
Enlisted Crew326
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity600
Cruising VelocityWarp 6
Maximum VelocityWarp 9.5
Emergency VelocityWarp 9.998 (12 Hours)
Length237.6 Metres
Width141.7 Metres
Height58 Metres

The Miranda class starship is a type of light cruiser introduced by Starfleet in the mid to late 23rd century. The configuration of the Miranda class shares a similar design lineage and features with the Constitution class, implemented in the mid-2200s. These ships typically perform patrol and survey assignments.

Auxiliary Craft

  • Shuttlebays: 2
    • Shuttles
      • Type 1 Shuttle: 2
      • Type 3 Shuttle: 1
      • Type 4 Shuttle: 2
    • Workpods
      • Work Bee Workpod: 6


Deck Listing

Deck Items
Deck 1 Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Docking Port #1, Navigational Sensors
Deck 2 Executive Officer's Office, Chief Science Officer's Office, Main Briefing Room, Viewing Lounge
Deck 3 Social Sciences Labs, Senior Officers' Lounge, Stellar Cartography, Astrophysics Lab, Astronomy Lab, Emergency Transporter Room, Forward Viewing Lounge, Library, (3) Specialized Passenger Staterooms, Element Storage, Force Field Generators, Airlock Control, Senior Engineering Offices, Engineering Lounge, Engineering Briefing Room, Engineering Shop, Engineering Maintenance Room, Main Impulse Engineering, Fusion Reactor Control, Metallurgic Lab, Electronics Lab
Deck 4 Main Phaser Banks, VIP Lounge, (4) VIP/Guest Quarters, (38) Junior Officers' Cabins, Officers' Galley, Zoology Lab, Botany Lab, Arboretum, Upper Recreation Deck, Hanger Bay 1 (upper), Hanger Bay 2 (upper), Main Engineering, Chief Engineer's Office, Asst. Chief Engineer's Office, Main Cargo Hold (upper), Shuttlecraft Operations Center, Shuttlecraft Briefing Room, Hanger Bay Support Station
Deck 5 Deflector Shield Generators, (52) Senior Officers' Cabins, Officers' Mess, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Lower Recreation Deck, Sensor Operations Lab, Hanger Bay 1 (mid), Hanger Bay 2 (mid), Main Cargo Hold (mid), Shuttlecraft Parts Storage, Main Batteries, Main Computer Control Centre, Main Plasma Power Converter
Deck 6 Control Thrusters, (163) Enlisted Cabins (for 326 Enlisted Personnel), Galley, Enlisted Mess, Main Floor of Hanger Bay 1, Main Floor of Hanger Bay 2, Main Floor of Cargo Hold, Shuttlecraft Storage, Shuttlecraft Repair, Small Arms Storage Lockers
Deck 7 Main Science Labs, Electric Power Rooms, Life Support Systems, Emergency Transporters, Assault Transporters, Transporter Room 1, Transporter Room 2, Galley, Environmental Engineering, Main Sickbay, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Auxiliary Briefing Room, Auxiliary Bridge, Damage Control Operations Center, Shipfitting & Fabrication Workshop, Internal Systems Control, Cargo Bay 3, Cargo Bay 4, Cargo Bay 5, Cargo Bay 6, Main Brig, Weapons Lockers, Small Arms Storage, Chief Security Officer's Office, Turbolift Support, Main Navigational deflector, Tractor beam Emitters, Thruster Control Station
Deck 8 Docking Port #3, Docking Port #4, Departure Lounge, Manual Phaser Control Room, Auxiliary Fire Control Station, Maintenance Shops, Fabrication Shops, Clothing Storage, Clothing Lockers, Sonic Clothes Washer
Deck 9 Auxiliary Computer Storage, Viewing Gallery, Phaser Energy Storage, Cooling Array, Intelligence Office, Intelligence Operations, Computer Lab
Deck 10 Main Circuit Control Room, Main Sensor Array
Deck 11 Navigational Sensors

These specs are for The Movie Era (TME - 2280s) Miranda.

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