Narendra III

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Narenda III is a Class M world located inside Klingon space, not far from the Romulan Neutral Zone. It is the third of four planets in the Narendra System. It is a very mountainous planet and exhibits numerous geological episodes every year. The Klingons had a colony on the planet as early as the 19th Century.

Capt. Jonathan Archer was tried and convicted on Narendra III for suspicion of conspiring against the Empire in 2154. Although sentenced to a lifelong exile to Rura Penthe, Archer was later rescued by his crew.

In 2344, a Romulan squadron destroyed the outpost there. Upon receiving the planet's distress call, the USS Enterprise-C responded and engaged the superior numbers. The ship would also be destroyed. The sacrifice, however, was seen as an honorable act by the Klingons who entered into a new peace treaty with the Federation. This is known as the Battle of Narendra III.