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The Operations Corps is responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations of the fleet. On smaller vessels, Operations is sometimes combined with Engineering.

Operations operates mainly in some areas of the ship, such as the Computer Core, the Ops console on the Bridge, the Cargo Bays, and maintains such ship board systems as the deflector dish. Besides these main areas of focus, Operations Officers can be found almost all over the ship/starbase, constantly maintaining it and ensuring resources are used effectively and properly.


Operations is in charge of a diverse collection of tasks, mostly technical related but (for historical reasons) also including quartermaster duties and supply.

Computers, Electronics and Software- Operations maintains the computer systems, most importantly the computer core, general electronics and system software across Starfleet. They patch and update programs, write specialized code and maintain interoperability among others tasks.

Power management- When the power needs of the ship, or starbase, need to be balanced, Operation is in charge of such duties. Usually this is handled by expert systems but it needs a human touch in emergency situations.

Specialized Systems- Operations is in charge of operating, maintaining and repairing: Holodeck systems, replicators, sensors and the transporter.


Operations personnel wear gold with their uniforms, along with Engineering, Security, and Tactical.

Operations Handbook

Operations Positions




There is currently no Operations Corps Director. All queries regarding applications for director of this department should be addressed to the Joint Fleet Command. Any queries regarding information about the department should be directed to the Obsidian Fleet Forums.

Additional Resources

Quasi-AI, a useful tool for Operations officers.

OpsNet, a information network among Operations officers.