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Pre-Protectorate History

On Earth date 7 April 2085 the Colony ship Dax'Ion departs from the sol system, it is one of the first ships to leave the sol system. The ship is a large vessel and is home to 3 families, the Carters, the Kelly's and the Vaga's with a total of 75 young adults and children. In the 41 Years it takes to get to their target system the population increases to 122. They landed on the second planet in the system an Class M they named the Planet Reach. The Colony ship was taken apart to be used as the first homes of 122 Humans. They named the star system after their ship, the Dax'Ion.

At the same time that the Colony is established another 4 colony ships leave the Sol system, in each one are 50 Humans from the three families and equipment that would be needed to establish a long term productive Colony.

A government was worked up with the aim that as their population increased they would need an in place and successful. Over the next 50 years with advances in Warp propulsion technology more and more ships make their way out into the wider galaxy. By 2176, 50 years after the colony is established Planet Eve has a population of 55'090 of Human's and 300 Vulcan's. The colony was rapidly becoming the 'hot new thing' with in the Galaxy. They rules that were in place ensured little crime as the punishment was banishment never to return. While in some cases this was justified in others, such as minor threat, it was somewhat of an over kill but it worked, in 50 years there had been only a dozen crimes committed.

In 2177 they were attacked by Orion's, 129 Colonists were taken never to return, and a call to Starfleet and the federation was put out to request protection. However with the Colony being so close to the Romulan Star Empire Starfleet were unwilling to provide a ship and instead offered relocation but by this time many of the colonists had known no other home and it was decided by the people that they would stay.

Using the two remaining colony ships, the other having been broken up for parts, the colonists armed them with weapons traded from a Klingon cargo ship and started to patrol their new system. When the Orions returned the following year they were met by two heavily armed Ships flying the Dax’Ion system flag.

Early Protectorate History/Before the Pocket Universe

Early in 2180 the Planet Reach gained an influx of Refuges from a planet on the edge of newly expanded Romulan space; the Refuges are a mix of humans, subjected Romulans and a handful of other species. These refuges were forced from their homes by the expiation of the Romulan Empire into unclaimed space. The planet in question was colonised by Romulan dissidents who opposed the regime, they settled with a group of Human. Over the course of a week the colony on Planet Reach went from 55’000 to almost half a million. Two new settlements were formed, the first was on the far side of the planet, this expanded an already existing military base into a city of 20’000 the other was on the main ocean of Reach called Jacksons lagoon.

Another 4 well armed Cargoships were added to their small but powerful fleet. The new generation of colonists hatched a plan to protect the colony for good. It would take 5 years to finish but they were confident they could do it. In the mean time a new form of Terraforming was found using Nanites, this too would take years but they were in no rush, their planet would hold another 3 Billion before it became necessary for a new planet.

In 2183 their population had climbed to over 4 million as more and more ships arrived. Surprisingly though not all of the ships were filled with Humans, there were Romulans, Vulcans and even Klingons. All the arriving ships were broken up for parts to outfit the Cargoships. This made the Colonial fleet powerful, able to take on odds of 10/1. Unhappy with the Federation’s continued refusal to offer protection the government of the Planet Reach formed the Protectorate and colonised the 4th Planet in the system the Planet Eva. This planet is an O class with only 5% land mass.

2186 saw the Dax’Ion system moved in to a newly created pocket universe, the only way in or out was a portal that was left behind in the real universe. Their disappearance was marked by a passing Romulan ship and a Starfleet Science vessel. A massive subspace wave was detected along with a massive burst of X-Rays. This move had not bee taken lightly as they would remove themselves from not only the universe but the timeline for every year that passed on Earth 10 would pass in the real universe.

In 2188 twenty years had passed on the inside of the Pocket Universe and the Planet Eve had been Terraformed and colonised and another generation was born. An average of 20 years between generations and each generation having 2 children the population doubled to 2 million.

2200 saw the formation of the Marine Corps and the Navy into a military force. Conscription was introduced. Civil service included military service (Navy and Marine, government (Teaching, Medical, Police, industry, ect), you could avoid civil service by becoming a farmer. All government agencies were included in civil service; this gave everyone an understanding of how the protectorate worked. Civil service was for 8 years, this started at 14 and included the last 4 years of schooling (in a school the was designed for the service they were going into) they would then do 2 years basic training and 2 years service or advanced training. At the end of their 8 years they could continue in their chosen field, change to another civil service field or take up a job outside of the service. Artist, farmer, ect.

Early Protectorate History

A new calendar is started known as Protectorate Subjective year (PSY) This was back dated to 2186, the current PSY is 2336. In the 150 years since the move into the pocket universe 4 more planets were colonised and 7 more generations pass and the first major advance in medical technology is found. The Anti-aging treatment increases the life space of a protectorate citizen to the point where they would be undying. The Population of the Protectorate stands at only 2,085,484 and the military forces expand to over 695’161, this is 1/3 of the total population, the other 1/3 are those to young to join the civil service or those who have decided to leave.

2350 saw the momentous occasion of the entire system being explored. 13 planets 5 Dwarf Planets and 27 moons, offered a major opportunity, it wasn’t longer before all the rocky planets and moons were seeded with Nanites for Terraforming. The fifth planet in the system, and L-Class Forest planet, was named Murder after an expedition of 120 was slaughtered by the local wildlife. The planet was declared off limits.

The early history of the Protectorate was quite, the Military forces explored the real galaxy encountering many new species and gaining data and understanding. Protectorate ship was known to be big and powerful and in the 2350’s many new ships was built using understanding gained for the species represented. The protectorate quickly became a myth, their ships were seen often but no was sure who they were or what they represented. They rarely fought a battle but when they did they won quickly.

Warp drive was the only way to travel faster then light for much of the early period of the Protectorate’s exploration. It wasn’t long before they discovered other means, Transwarp, Slipstream and wormholes. It was quickly discovered that equipping a ship with a Wormhole generator was impractical due to the power needs so a network of wormholes were created though out the Dax’Ion system making travel between the planets very quick and reliable allowing even the slowest ships to move around the system.

2400 was the turning point in Military history, the population is increasing in size while the death rate has dropped to less then 10%, this means that in another hundred years or so the population will explode. The Military expects large numbers as well, so they start to plan and build large stations and ships, each one taking more then 30 years to finish. The Grand station is the biggest station ever conserved and would be able to hose over 4 million people when it is finished 50 years after construction is started.

2412 saw the intention of the Jump Drive, the Jump Drive allowed a ship to tap into a higher dimension, dipping and out again in less then a second but travelling up to 50 Light years in a signal jump and able to complete up to 15 Jumps a second. This new form of FTL opened up possibilities for new exploration opportunities.

The brake though that would forever change the lives of the Protectorate citizens came about on a dark and stormy night on Planet Eva in 2422. it was found that the newly discovered ‘Jump Drive’ was in fact a time machine. All true FLT drives were, Warp by passed this by dropping into Subspace, the ‘Jump Drive’ jumped up into a higher dimension, when there the ships HIGGS field was removed, thus the ships mass was removed. In short this meant that instead of moving from point to point in space as you do at Sub-Light you are in fact moving from event to event in time and space. It was a discovered that a ship, or probe, could be used to gather data and then return before it left with its data banks full. This meant that probes could be sent out to gather data from a battle and then returned to an event before the battle took place.

Later that same year construction begin on a space station, the station would be built using advanced techniques that would enable it to not only exist outside the timeline but also in higher and lower dimensions. The computer core could be the biggest ever thought off and the station would only appear to be the size of a Grand station. It took 10 years to build that Library of Possible Futures and it would hold the collective knowledge, writings and understanding of the Protectorate. It needed to remain outside of the timeline to protect this data, by being out of the timeline nothing ages and the data doesn’t degrade. It also means that if the timeline is changed without consent then there is a record of what was changed and how allowing for the timeline to be corrected.

2450 – Lancers

2451 – Murder

3000 – Army, Home Guard

Modern Protectorate History

In 4193 the unthinkable happened, the skin of the Pocket universe is breached. A single ship dropped into the Protectorates Pocket Universe from another universe and scanned a number of planets before it was intercepted. Upon being hailed the alien ship fired on the cutter inflicting minimal damage. The cutter returned fire destroying the alien ship. The skin of the Pocket Universe was then reinforced and the second ‘hole’ (the first being the way out though the portal) was guarded by a Grand station (built in a year). Soon after the grand station goes online an invasion force arrives and the first battle of what will later be described as the unending war. But thanks to the Library of Possible Futures the Invasion was foreseen and many more ships were there to meet the aliens, now named the Tenzim, the battle that was fought raged for 3 days and millions of Alien fighters were destroyed with just a handful of Protectorate ship being lost.

4194 – War with Tenzim

4198 – Grand Carrier project

4215 – First Grand Carrier

In 4395 a second system, named Gamma Omega was moved from the real universe into the Pocket Universe using the same method as the one used to move the Dax’Ion system. This system only had 1 M-Class planet but as soon as it was moved the Rocky planets were seeded for Terraforming using Nanites.

In 4395 the current population of the Protectorate stands at 17,367,244,986,181,500,000,000,000 or 17 billion billion. This number is just the population who live inside the Pocket Universe.