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The Department of Romulan Affairs is responsible for providing the Starfleet personnel with a resource and handbook on the structure and operation of the Imperial Romulan Fleet - especially those vessels which take part in Obsidian Fleet missions.

It is run by the Imperial Romulan Fleet Liaison Officer vacant.

Department for Romulan Affairs



Welcome to the Department for Romulan Affairs.

Additional information regarding the Romulan Star Empire is available, but from a rather more Federation perspective.

Romulan Worlds

ch'Rihan (Romulus)

Ra'tleihfi (Capital)




Apnex Sea

Rrhiol ch'Chula (Valley of Chula)

Planetary Map

ch'Havran (Remus)



Val'Danadex Trel

Planetary Map



The Government

The Romulan government is tricameral consisting of the Executive Branch of Government (the Praetor, the Continuing Committee and the High Command) the Upper Senate and the Lower Senate.

Executive Branch

The Praetor

The Continuing Committee

The Romulan High Command

The Senate





Upper Senate

Lower Senate

Colonial Government


Society and Culture




Rites of Passage

The Judicial System

The Imperial Romulan Fleets

On the face of it the Galae is the Rihannsu equivalent of Starfleet however the reality is slightly more complicated. Officers of the fleets have loyalties not only to the Galae but also have significant political, philosophical and familial ties that will be considered and used by an officer seeking to rise through the ranks.

The Galae is made up of the Command Fleets, the Senatorial Fleets, and the Praetorian Fleet with assignments frequently being based on family connections and political favour.

The Imperial Fleets

Ranks of the Galae and their Starfleet Equivalent

Imperial Romulan Fleet Positions

The Reman Commando Corps

They are the ground based, and direct combat officers employed by the Empire. Assigned to the positions that would be filled by Marines and Security in Starfleet. They are the closest to the danger in any Romulan engagement. They are closely watched by Romulan overseers, are scrutinized in their every move and have no rights, they are an offensive and defensive tool in the eyes of the Empire.

Reman Commando Corps Units

Ranks of the Reman Commando Corps

The Tal Diann

The Tal Diann is Military Intelligence, as opposed to the Tal Shiar, which is civilian. The Tal Diann maintains and monitors relations between the Star Command and the various fleets: Command Fleets, Senatorial Fleets, Coalition Fleets, Praetorian Fleets. It officers, Legates, maintain a smooth operational atmosphere throughout the Navy, no easy task considering the disparate nature of the various fleet structures. Each fleet (and wing inside each fleet) has a legate permanently attached to it as an observer.

The Tal Diann

Ranks of the Tal Diann

The Tal'Shiar

The Tal'Shiar is the Federal Intelligence Agency of the Rihannsu Empire. Its name comes from Old Vulcan word talshaya, Meaning: Swift Death or Merciful Execution. They have a broad scope of power, extending into all walks of Rihannsu life, and all citizens are assured in their safety, knowing the Tal Shiar are everywhere, watching for disloyalty and/or threats to the Empire. They are considered above the law and are responsible for ensuring the loyalty of ALL citizens, even high placed government officials and military personnel.


Ranks of the Tal'Shiar

Military Training

Military Service

The Romulan War College


Tal Diann


So you want to join the Empire?

Character Creation Guide

Playing a Romulan Character


There are several different branches of canon when it comes to the Romulans, or the Rihannsu as they are known among themselves. Indeed if our knowledge was based purely on what has been seen on screen we might be forgiven for having such a narrow perspective on this multi-dimensional and passionate people.

Whilst the basis of the Rihannsu within Obsidian Fleet comes from the screen the details which add life to those few appearances are gleaned from three main written sources. The first, set in the TOS era is provided by Diane Duane’s ‘Rihannsu’ novels (recently reprinted in a handy, if slightly chunky, omnibus edition!), from this source comes the basis of the language and culture as we know it and establishes among other things the history of the Rihanssu, the twin planets ch’Rihan and ch’Havran, the delightfully feudal oligarchy of society and senate and the inexorably complex and attractive concept of mhnei’sahe.

The second is the TNG era ‘Way of d’Era’ RPG failed to displace these established ‘facts’ in the minds of fans but did provide useful and believable details regarding the organisation of the Galae, the Senate and the Tal’Shiar. This source also established a feasible structure for military service and training.

The final source is the FASA game rules that were superceded by the 'd'Era' rules but which retain an enduring influence on the Rihannsu mindset.

The aim of the Department for Romulan Affairs is to collate those disparate sources and to present a body of canon knowledge about the Rihannsu for use within Obsidian Fleet.

The information on these pages comes from a variety of sources including:

The out of print FASA rpg rulebooks that were superceded by LUG's 'Way of D'Era', a rather dog eared set of The Way of D'Era sourcebooks Last Unicorn Games (May 1999) (Out of Print) - in many cases text is excerpted directly from these books, in those cases page/book references will be inserted.

The 'Rihannsu' books of Diane Duane

The Rihannsu Encyclopedia


The Central Institute of the Romulan Language.