Ryuu Incident

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The Ryuu Incident is the term used to describe the series of events surrounding the Barzan Itinerant Task Group and their engagement and subsequent destruction of a Ryuu Task Group at the Barzan Itinerant Wormhole's destruction.

Events Leading up to the Incident


  • October 23rd 2385, Engineering Teams assessing Langley Station's suitability for reactivation record unusually high Graviton Emissions, four lightyears out from the Triolis system
  • November 13th 2385, USS Bunker Hill, under the Command of Captain Victor Davis dispatched to investigate Graviton Emissions
  • November 13th, USS Bunker Hill discovers the latest "jump" of the unstable Barzan wormhole has placed it near the edge of the Hromi Cluster, probes determine 2385 the other end to be in an unexplored sector of the far Delta Quadrant, around fifty lightyears from the edge of Borg space.
  • November 16th 2385, USS Hydra deployed to assist the Bunker Hill
  • November 16th 2385, USS Bunker Hill Stabilises the Barzan Itinerant Wormhole and attempts a passage to the other side
  • November 16th 2385, Starfleet looses contact with USS Bunker Hill
  • November 18th 2385, Bunker Hill Incident, First contact with the Ryuu Confederacy occurs but ends badly.
  • November 19th 2385, Contact re-established with the USS Bunker Hill
  • November 21st, USS Bunker Hill returns to Deep Space Five, puts in for repairs. Captain Victor Davis remanded on custody pending investigation into his actions
  • November 28th, USS Inkala and USS Acamar dispatched for covert surveillance and reconnaissance of the Barzan Itinerant Wormhole
  • November 29th, Captain Victor Davis transferred from Deep Space Five to Earth for trial
  • December 2nd, Starfleet Intelligence orders the Inkala and Acamar through the wormhole to gather intelligence on the Ryuu Confederacy
  • December 3rd, Captain Victor Davis arrives at Earth, Trial commences
  • December 4th, Contact is lost with the USS Hydra, the USS Falcon is dispatched to investigate
  • December 6th, USS Inkala destroyed by Ryuu action whilst covering the retreat of the USS Acamar
  • December 9th, Trial ends, Captain Victor Davis demoted to Lieutenant Commander and relieved of command
  • December 9th, USS Archon deployed to Barzan Wormhole for observation purposes
  • December 10th, USS Acamar returns through the wormhole and is intercepted by the USS Archon
  • December 11th, Starfleet Science discovers a method to permanently stabilise the wormhole.
  • December 14th, Starfleet begins assembling a new Task Group to closely investigate and secure the wormhole.
  • December 15th, USS Falcon Engages and subsequently destroys a Ryuu Daevo class vessel, subsequently falls back to Deep Space 4 for repairs
  • December 16th, USS Archon engages a number of Ryuu Tobos class vessels attempting to destroy it
  • December 18th, Task Group Benzar, consisting of the USS Andoria, USS Dauntless, USS Hobbes, USS T'Shan, USS Matador and USS Bolia is dispatched to take over observation duties at the wormhole
  • December 19th, USS Archon falls back to Langley Station for repairs

The Incident

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