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Though Obsidian Colony's main purpose is to monitor activities believed to originate in the Delta Quadrant, Sath'Ra Dum V has also become a favorite location for Officers on shore leave; because of it's unique reddish sand and warm salt rich seas in the summer and it's almost perfect snowy slopes in the winter, make it the perfect place to relax during parts of the year. Not to mention its warm summers and mild winters.

Sath'Ra Dum V is the 5th planet of the Sath'Ra system on the very edge of Federation space. It is the only planet that was at one time habitable. A rich ecosystem exsisted at one time on the now desert bare planet. An astronomical event occurred recently within this system; throwing Sath'Ra Dum V into an elliptical orbit around the star, Sath'Ra. As a result, life on the planet's surface either burned away or froze. New evidence recently came to light during an excavation on the planet. Federation anthropologists found evidence of past civilizations, which they hope will help explain the event that caused the change in orbit.

Sath'Ra Dum V has four general seasons a year that each last roughly 50 days. Due to it's odd elliptical orbit, Sath'Ra Dum V is not habitable at it's furthest point from the star and it's closest. During the days of the year when Sath'Ra Dum V enjoys a warm summer and its mild winter, civilians and crew enjoy a period of pleasant weather.

Favorite pass times on Sath'Ra Dum V include swimming, and enjoying the red sanded beaches or skiing the slopes and enjoying winter fun on the many snow hills created during the mild winter.

Once the planet reaches the inhabitable times of the year, no one can survive outside the confines of Obsidian Colony without Hazard suits.

Planet Information

Planet's Diameter: 12,564 km

One Day: 22hrs 18mins

One Year: 198 days

Gravity: 0.9 (Earth = 1)

Average Temp: 28°C

Moons: 3

Three moons orbit Sath'Ra Dum V which are usually seen in the sky during 'Second Winter' or the summer months. The local Colonist have come to learn that when the moons have become faint in the sky, 'Second Winter' is about to arrive.

Other Planets

Four other planets orbit Sath'Ra. Each of them is too far from the star to be habitable. Each of them are cold, hard, frozen planets. Some made of icy masses, or volatile gases.

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