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Sazi, or the Sazi star system is located on the borders of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants in an area of no real tactical advantage, as such unlike many other star systems it was left pretty much alone during the Dominion War. The Sazi star system consists of three habitable planets, Sazi X (also often referred to as Sazi Major), Sazi XI and Sazi XII. Sazi X has a population of over 12 billion with Sazi XI having a population of a little over a million and Sazi XII having a populous of less than a million spread over sixteen settlements.

The inhabitants of the Sazi star system are called the Indarka. Not indigenous to the system the Indarka took the systems as their own over 8000 years ago in a mass migration when their old home system underwent a mass catastrophe.

In 2382 the Sazi star began to go Nova spelling the end of existence for the Indarka who although warp capable do not posses any craft capable of anything but inter-system travel.