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Scimitar Bomber
CategoryClose Ground Support Fighter/Bomber
Expected Duration0 Years
Time Between Resupply0 Year
Time Between Refit0 Years
Cruising VelocityWarp 3.6
Maximum VelocityWarp 4.9
Emergency VelocityWarp 6.1 (0.8 hours)
Length8.6 Metres
Width6.3 Metres
Height4.2 Metres


The Scimitar class fighter/bomber is a close ground support craft in use by Starfleet and the Marine Corps in the late 24th century.

The Scimitar class holds the primary role of supporting ground troops in combat, and to this end can carry a wide selection or ordnance mounted to 10 hard points under the wings and fuselage. These can carry any standard Starfleet ordinance, including full-size torpedoes and a variety of air to ground ordnance and mission adaptive PODS for Intel and ELINT operations.


Defensive Systems

High density armour


Type V Phaser Cannon: 2

Shielding Systems

Heavy Shielding System

Missile System

Photonic missile launcher: 2
Photonic missile: 12
Mark 17 Missile Launcher: 2
Mark 17 Missile: 20

Series 17 Air-to-Ground Fighter/Bomber Weapons

The rights to manufacture and produce the Series 17 air-to-ground fighter weapons, was won by the Gaavr Munitions Conglomerate located on Bolaris IX. Cigar shaped with all three sporting a innovative guidance system, they sprout mid- body fins, the `fins' would be loaded with sensor equipment, the four would track and pinpoint the target relay the information to a central targeting/guidance processor mounted in the mid-body, which would read just the heading of the weapon via the propulsion system, a miniaturized ion drive is used as propulsion as supersonic speeds were deemed useful, however faster than light capabilities were deemed unnecessary.

The ASM-24C HARM-Type missile Length: 2.55 m (8.3 ft) Diameter: 20.5 cm (8.1 in) Weight: 177 kg (390 lb)

The missile ASM-24C missile attachments are engineered to inter-link at the point they attached to the craft hard point in pairs. The weapon itself had compartments for the explosive compounds that would make up the warhead towards the front and along the sides up to the mid-body. The role of this weapon is to home in on sensor and other targeting systems.

The GBU-33SM - Bunker Busters Length: 2.55 m (8.3 ft) Diameter: 38 cm (15 in) Weight: 874 kg (1927 lb )=(420 kg (927 lb) Shaped charge + 454kg (1000 lb))

The 'Bunker Busters' were similarly arranged and set up, however because of the size of the weapons they were set up as one weapon to a hardpoint. The internals were similar to the ASM-24C, an increased dimensions to accommodate a larger explosive payload, a single shaped HE charge in the nose, with a much larger fragmentation type charge extending the length of the weapon, even surrounding the central targeting/guidance processor.

The MOU-335 Cluster Bomb Length: 2.55 m (8.3 ft) Diameter: 41.9 cm (16.5 in) Weight: 500 lb (226.7 kg) = 12.4 lb(5.62 kg) per bomblet Bomblets: 40

The casing and basic set up were similar to the ASM-24C & GBU-33SM only this was twice the size again of the GBU-33SM, also along the solid exterior was four recessed slots that ran the length of the weapon, stopping a three centimeters into the nosecone at the front, and three centimeters from the tail and propulsion section at the rear. These will be the disbursal points for the bomblets, The disbursal area which is programmable in pattern and area up to 4 km. The range of ordinance is as follows:

A: Anti-Armor/Vehicle Bomblets
B: Anti-Personnel Bomblets (Fragmentation)
C: Ultrasonic Stun Bomblets
D: Gas Stun Bomblets
E: Mines
F: Sensor Enhancement Modules
G: Timed HE Bomblets (Can also be set to explode on contact after distribution: ex when a vehicle runs over it).

To avoid the mix up of lethal and non-lethal ordinance, all munitions are marked with colored stripes, these stripes also have special properties when exposed to UV or IR lighting to further safeguard against mistakes, also the stripes are imbued with detectable markers that Tricorders, PADDs, and sensor units can identify the exact type of mutation. These marking are placed on the casing and the individual bomblets.


A: Anti-Armor/Vehicle Bomblets -- Red-White-Blue
B: Anti-Personnel Bomblets (Fragmentation) -- Red-White-Red
E: Mines -- Red-Blue-Red
G: Timed HE Bomblets (Can also be set to explode on contact after distribution:ex when a vehicle runs over it). -- Red-Blue-White


C: Ultrasonic Stun Bomblets -- Yellow-Green-Yellow
D: Gas Stun Bomblets -- Green-Yellow-Green
F: Sensor Enhancement Modules -- Purple

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