Scorpion Fighter

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CategoryShort Range Fighter
Expected Duration0 Years
Time Between Resupply0 Years
Time Between Refit0 Years
Enlisted Crew2
Length4.02 Metres
Width2.6 Metres
Height3.0 Metres

The Scorpion class fighter was actually a Reman invention, designed to maximise the combat capability of Praetor Shinzon's one off warbird, the Scimitar and whilst the Romulan Star Empire didn't develop any other Scimitar class vessels, the Scorpion became immensely popular, both with planetary defence forces and with the Navy in general. In 2380, the Kyantor, S'yvar and Vreenak class vessels were refitted with an adapted hangar bay to be able to accommodate the Scorpion class fighter.

Since then it has proven vastly popular, as the two man light fighter is very fast to manufacture and in large numbers or if supporting a starship is extremely dangerous. They have also proven to be small enough, fast enough and manoeuvrable that many starships have trouble hitting them with either phasers or torpedoes, which does make up for the fact that the shields the Scorpion was originally fitted with were so utterly useless that they nearly got removed.

Defensive systems

Romulan Starship Classes
Active Starships D'Deridex - Norexan - Scimitar
Inactive Starships D7 class - Bird of Prey (Romulan)
Auxiliary Craft Scorpion Fighter - Kestrel Shuttle