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Starfleet Security arose from a service branch of United Earth's Starfleet in 2155. When the United Federation of Planets was formed, Starfleet Security became responsible for securing Federation outposts, ships, facilities. Starfleet Security is not the only police force within the Federation; all planets maintain their own security/police forces. Starfleet Security would only step in if it was necessary.

Within Starfleet, Security is responsible for the smooth and safe operation of all federation facilities acting both as a Military Security force and a Military Police force. Security is required to govern and maintain the Security of all important areas and secure computer access and they are therefore required to issue and keep track of all security access codes for staff on their ships, facilities.

Although Security acts as a Military Security force on behalf of Starfleet they are only tasked with the defense of ships and facilities and would leave the offensive action to the Marines. If there are Marines assigned to the ship/facility then the Security department would collaborate with the Marines to arrange the defense of the said ships/facilities.

Along with their role as a Defensive force, Security is also the Military Police force for Starfleet. Security mount police patrols to maintain the peace in and around all Federation Facilities.

Security Locations

Security Weapons

Security Positions

Security Department Security Investigations Division Close Protection Division
Chief Security Officer Senior Security Investigations Officer Senior Close Protection Officer
Assistant Chief Security Officer Security Investigations Officer Close Protection Officer
Security Officer Criminal Profiler
Brig Officer Forensic Officer
VIP Bodyguard

Additional Information