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Sovereign Class
Expected Duration120 Years
Time Between Resupply1 Year
Time Between Refit10 Years
Enlisted Crew500
Cruising VelocityWarp 8
Maximum VelocityWarp 9.9
Emergency VelocityWarp 9.99 (36 Hours)
Length685.2 Metres
Width275 Metres
Height120 Metres

The Sovereign class starship was introduced in the late 24th century. The vessel included some of Starfleet's most recent technological advances. The Sovereign project was one of the new defensive technologies initially intended for use against the Borg threat. The prototype USS Sovereign was still in the design phase during the Battle of Wolf 359.

Heavily armed, the design philosophy for the Sovereign class was shaped by the discovery of the Borg. The project attempted to push the envelope as far as possible when it came to computer power, shields, armament and systems capabilities. The Sovereign class starship combined the creature comforts associated with the larger Galaxy class vessels with the tactical power of the new Prometheus class.

The vessel included some of Starfleet's most recent technological advances. Primary amongst these was a large quantum torpedo launcher mounted forward of the navigational deflector above the captain's yacht, which was capable of firing at least four rounds per second. Backup to the quantum torpedoes was provided by photon tubes; four of these were located at the base of the engineering section in pairs which face forward and aft. These launchers can fire up to 12 torpedoes at a time. The warp engines of the Sovereign were of a new design that eliminated subspace distortion effects inherent to standard warp drives without the use of variable geometry nacelles, as found on the Intrepid class.

Class history

In 2372, the Sovereign class USS Enterprise-E was launched from drydock. At least one other, the class prototype USS Sovereign, was in service.

One of the Sovereign class' first major engagements came in 2373, when the USS Enterprise-E saw action in the Borg incursion into Sector 001 and was instrumental in the destruction of the attacking cube.

After the conclusion of the Dominion War and upon a change in leadership within the Romulan Star Empire, the USS Enterprise-E was invited to Romulus by Praetor Shinzon to open negotiations. Things were not as they seemed, however, and in the ensuing confrontation, the Enterprise was severely damaged, including a major hull breach on the bridge, and rendered unable to stop the Scimitar, the new praetor's predatory flagship. As a last resort, Captain Jean Luc Picard ordered the Enterprise to ram the Scimitar, causing the destruction of much of the saucer section's forward area. The collision disabled the Scimitar but Shinzon, driven by vengeance, activated his deadly thalaron weapon and trained it on the Enterprise. The weapon was later overloaded and the Scimitar destroyed due to interference from Commander Data, who sacrificed himself to save the Enterprise. The ship then returned to Earth and was required to go through several weeks of extensive drydock repair.

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays: 2


Broadsword Multi-role Assault Fighter: 4
Razor Interceptor: 6


Captains Yacht - Sovereign Runabout: 1
Danube Runabout: 1
Delta Flyer Runabout: 1


Hunley Shuttle: 1
Type 11 Shuttle: 2
Type 8 Shuttle: 2
Type 9 Shuttle: 2


Argo Transporter: 1
Wyvern Hopper Transport: 2


Defensive Systems

Ablative Armour
Cloaking Device


Type XII Array: 12

Shielding Systems

Auto- Modulating Shields
Metaphasic Shielding
Regenerative Shielding


Burst-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 4
Photon Torpedoes: 475
Quantum Torpedoes: 285
Polaron Torpedoes: 40
Rapid-Fire Quantum Torpedo Turret: 1
Quantum Torpedoes: 280
Tri-Cobalt Devices: 20

Deck Listing

Deck Items
Deck 1 Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Observation Lounge, Airlock
Deck 2 Captain's Quarters, Executive Officer's Quarters, Enlisted Affairs Office, Emergency Batteries, Weapons Locker
Deck 3 Main Lounge, Senior Officer's Quarters, Aft Viewing Lounge, Communications Array, Officers' Quarters, Gymnasium
Deck 4 Officers' Quarters, Crew Quarters, VIP/Guest Quarters, Transporter Rooms 1 & 2, Emergency Batteries, Life Support, Environmental System Controls, Chief Operations Officer's Office
Deck 5 Security Office, Brig, Armory 1, Security Training Facilities, Chief Intelligence Officer's Office, Aft Tactical Sensors, Crew Quarters, Holodecks 1 & 2, Environmental Support Systems, Cargo Bay 1
Deck 6 Main Computer Core (Level 1), Main Computer Core Control, Main Shuttlebay, Flight Control Room 1, Primary ODN Systems, Science Labs, Arboretum, Diplomatic Facilities, Civilian Quarters, Crew Quarters, Holodecks 3 & 4
Deck 7 Main Computer Core (Level 2), Main Shuttlebay, Secondary ODN Systems, Astrometrics Lab, Stellar Cartography, Main Science Lab, Chief Science Officer's Office, Counsellor's Office, Hydroponics Bay, Ship's Library, Civilian Quarters, School
Deck 8 Main Computer Core (Level 3), Impulse Assembly, Fusion Reactors, Main Sickbay & Supports, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Weapons Locker, Engineering Lab, Shuttlebay Elevators, Upper Shuttle Maintenance & Storage, Forward Tactical Sensors
Deck 9 Main Computer Core (Level 4), Impulse engines, Impulse Driver Assembly, Warp Core Subsystems, Lower Shuttle Maintenance & Storage, Dorsal Docking Ports, Emergency Transporters, Crew Quarters
Deck 10 Impulse Assembly, Fusion Reactors, Deuterium Injectors, Auxiliary Fusion Reactor, Shuttle Repair & Machine Shop, Engineering Support Area, Industrial Replicators, Marine Barracks, Marine HQ, Armoury 2, Crew Quarters, Holodecks 5 & 6, Waste Management/Recycling Centre, Cargo Bays 2-5
Deck 11 Auxiliary Deflector Controls, Shuttle Elevator Assembly, Airlock, Marine Barracks, Crew Quarters, Transporter Rooms 3 & 4, Airlocks, RCS Thrusters
Decks 12 Auxiliary Deflector Array, Primary IDF Generators, Primary SIF Generators, Primary Shield Generators, Systems Support Compartment, Maintenance Bay 1
Deck 13 Quantum Torpedo Turret Access, Torpedo Magazine, Main Sensor Array, Deuterium Tanks, Power Distribution Subsystems, Science Labs, Mess Hall (Aft), Maintenance Bay 2
Deck 14 Deuterium Tanks, Shuttlebay 2, Flight Control Room 2, Power Distribution Systems, Captain's Yacht Access, Turbolift Maintenance
Deck 15 Secondary Computer Core (Level 1), Shuttlebay 2, Shuttle Storage, Graviton Generators 1 & 2, Deflector Assembly, Weapons Locker, Main Power Transfer Conduits, Transporter Room 5, Cargo Bays 6 & 7
Decks 16 Secondary Computer Core (Level 2), Reserve Antimatter Storage, Graviton Generators 3 & 4, Main Navigational Deflector, Deflector Control, Main Engineering, Chief Engineering Officer's Office, Weapons Locker, Main Power Transfer Conduits, Warp Nacelle Access, Cargo Bays 8 & 9, Emergency Transporters
Deck 17 Secondary Computer Core (Level 3), Aft Sensor Array, Graviton Generators 5 & 6, Deflector Assembly, Secondary Plasma Vent, Emergency Transporters
Deck 18 Graviton Generators 7 & 8, Deflector Assembly, Auxiliary Shield Generators, Multi-purpose Chamber (Upper), Crew Quarters
Decks 19 Lateral Sensors, Secondary Communications Array, Emergency Graviton Generators (2), Emergency Batteries, Complementary Deflector Assembly, Multi-purpose Chamber (Lower)
Deck 20 Forward Torpedo Launchers (2), Torpedo Magazine, Probe Storage, Primary Communications Array, Tractor beam Assembly, Turbolift Maintenance
Deck 21 Antimatter Storage Pods, Forward Tractor Beam Emitter, Secondary IDF Generator, Secondary SIF Generator, Cargo Bay 10 (Upper)
Decks 22 Antimatter Storage Pods, Antimatter Generator, Torpedo Magazine, Maintenance Bay 3, Cargo Bay 10 (Lower)
Decks 23 Tractor Beam Assembly, Antimatter Generator, Antimatter Injectors, Secondary Sensor Array, Sensor Analysis Suite
Decks 24 Tractor Beam Assembly, Aft Tractor Beam Emitter, Aft Torpedo Launchers (2), Torpedo Magazine, Warp Core Ejection System
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