Starbase 307

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Brought into operation in 2361, Starbase 307 is an Celestial class space station that protects the important Federation world of Bolarus IX. Starbase 307 actually orbits orbits her Class S sister Bolarus XIII. It includes extensive starship construction and repair facilities. Most workers on the starbase are Bolians, but there are also crewmen from all over the Federation who are able to keep up with Bolian work requirements and ethics. Understandably, Starbase 307 has some of the highest efficiency ratings in Starfleet and continues to expand its research facilities every year.

During the Dominion War, the starbase was a vital rear-area repair and resupply point. Ships that came to repair battle-damage or have maintenance done were typically out of spacedock 25 percent faster than other stations---a testament to the Bolian way of doing things.