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This is an infobox for technical and usage information on various classes of fleet vessels.


Cut and paste the following code into your article, then put the relevant specifications after the "=" signs.


Data fields

  • name – Simply list the name of the ship in italics.
  • image – Put in the filename, not the entire wiki markup. ie: image.jpg not [[File:image.jpg]]
  • category – the type of vessel it is (e.g. Frigate)
  • duration – Put the expected duration here
  • resupply – Put the time between resupply here
  • refit – Put the time between refit here
  • crew – The number of crew if officers/enlisted are not specified
  • officers – The number of officers typically staffing the ship
  • enlisted – The number of enlisted crew typically staffing the ship
  • marines – Marines typically on the ship
  • passengers – Number of passengers the ship can hold
  • evaccap – The maximum (evacuation) capacity of the ship
  • diameter – Diameter of the starbase
  • mainheight – Main Height of the starbase
  • overallheight – Overall Height of the starbase
  • length – Length of the ship
  • width – Width of the ship
  • height – Height of the ship
  • decks – Number of decks on the ship