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Titan Class
Expected Duration0 Years
Time Between Resupply0 Year
Time Between Refit0 Years
Cruising VelocityWarp 4.5
Maximum VelocityWarp 5.0
Emergency VelocityWarp 5.5 (for 6 hours)
Length27.8 Meters
Width16.6 Meters
Height6.1 Meters


In 2385 Starfleet’s budget oversight committee formed a working group to look at cost cutting measures that could be implemented across the board. This is what has come to be known as the Total Ownership Cost Reduction Imperative, and has been ordered to be implemented in all aspects of Starfleet operations. As such, Starfleet Logistics Command has actively pursued the development of the next generation of transport craft. A two year research and development program was initiated and carried out at both the Utopia Planitia and Beta Antares Ship Yards. The end result of this program was what has been named the Cerberus Transport System…two craft of differing size that both utilized the same Module system, and also integrated into a starship and ground vehicle transport system as well.


The two craft that form the system are the Titan and Polaris Transports. The two craft both utilize the same Module system. The Titan, the larger of the 2 craft, has the ability to transport either 15 Standard Modules, 6 Extended combined with 3 Standard Modules, or 1-4 Oversize Modules (or combinations of the above). In addition the Titan can be equipped to carry up to 6 Vehicle Modules. Numerous combinations are configurable as well.

Titan Transport

• Dimensions:

• Length: 27.8 Meters

• Width: 16.6 Meters

• Height: 6.1 Meters

• Speed:

• Cruising Speed: Warp 4.5

• Maximum Velocity: Warp 5

• Emergency Velocity: Warp 5.5 (for 6 hours)

• Crew:

• Minimum: 1

• Standard: 6

• Maximum: Varies with Modules

• Weapons:

• 2 Type X Phaser Emitters

• 2 Torpedo Launchers

• Defenses:

• Auto-Modulating Shields

• Tritanium Composite Hull

• Decks: 1

• Standard Transporters: 1

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