Type 11-A class

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Type 11-A Class
Expected Duration0 Years
Time Between Resupply0 Year
Time Between Refit0 Years
PassengersVaries on configuration
Cruising VelocityWarp 6
Maximum VelocityWarp 6.6
Emergency VelocityWarp 7 (3 hours)
Length14.64 Metres
Width7.26 Metres
Height4.5 Metres


The Type 11-A class shuttlecraft is a large Federation auxiliary craft in use by Starfleet in the late 24th century. The Type 11-A is deployed on a wide variety of starships and starbases. The Type 11-A has the added versatility of coming stripped bare, and can be set up to a wide variety of mission specific configurations. Some of the Mission Configurations include:

  • Type 11-RCX2 (Hawkeye): Tactical Airborne Warning and Control System platform.
  • Type 11-RCX4 (Prowler): Electronic Warfare/Data and Communications Intercept platform.
  • Angel Flight 1: Specially designed Type 11 shuttle. This shuttle has been configured as a pediatric/neonate emergency transport.
  • Mercy Flight 1: Specially Designed Type 11 shuttle. This shuttle has been configured as a critical care emergency transport.
  • Type 11-CMS: Supply drop-ship that delivers palatalized cargo via anti-grav modules that attach to the pallet.
  • Type 11-TRFS: Refueling Configuration for Ground Vehicles.
  • Type 11C-Cargo Configuration.



Type V Array: 3

Shielding Systems

Light Shielding System


Micro-Torpedo Launchers: 2
Micro-Quantum Torpedoes: 20
Micro-Photon Torpedoes: 40
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