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Type 6 Class
Expected Duration0 Years
Time Between Resupply0 Year
Time Between Refit0 Years
Cruising VelocityWarp 1
Maximum VelocityWarp 1.1
Emergency VelocityWarp 2 (36 hours)
Length6 Metres
Width4.4 Metres
Height2.7 Metres

The Type 6 shuttlecraft is a Starfleet auxiliary vehicle carried by starships and space stations in the 24th century.


The Type 6 shuttle is a short range craft. For propulsion, it is equipped with two 1250 millicochrane warp nacelles and twelve microfusion thrusters. The shuttlecraft is equipped with two Type IV phaser emitters for special purposes. The shuttle also features a navigational deflector and redundant graviton polarity source generators. A transporter assembly is not standard but the shuttle can be fitted with a portable module. The control systems are intuitive, and a non-Federation pilot can quickly learn to fly the craft. Type 6 shuttles are easily configurable for testing of a variety of technologies.

Entry to the shuttle was through a large hatch in the rear of the vessel. The hatch can be opened via a control pad next to the impulse engines. There are benches for passenger seating in the aft section, and ample room for cargo. A separate systems display was also found in the aft area as were storage bins.

By 2374 phaser emitters, deflector shields, and a transporter module were standard equipment onboard Type 6 shuttles. Currently the type is also available in a civilian version without phasers.



Type IV Array: 2

Shielding Systems

Light Shielding System
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