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Type 7 Class
Expected Duration0 Years
Time Between Resupply0 Year
Time Between Refit0 Years
Cruising VelocityWarp 1.5
Maximum VelocityWarp 1.7
Emergency VelocityWarp 2 (36 hours)
Length8.5 Metres
Width3.6 Metres
Height2.7 Metres


The Type 7 shuttlecraft is a Starfleet auxiliary vehicle carried by starships in the 24th century.

The Type 7 shuttle is a short to medium range craft. Some shuttles are equipped with warp drive and are useful for interstellar travel, while others are restricted to impulse speeds. The impulse engine is located at the very aft of the vessel. The shuttles have escape transporters, which can be reconfigured for use as standard transporters if necessary.

The forward cockpit contains two seats, each with a small console and a view out the shuttlecraft window. The center of the cockpit is not a window but a large display, which gave navigation information and acted as a viewscreen. The aft area had passenger seating and sensor control.

By 2369 most Type 7 shuttlecraft had interiors very similar to that of the Type 6 shuttlecraft.

The hull markings were also changed around 2367. Originally, the shuttle had Starfleet pennants along its nacelle pylons, the full Starfleet registry number of its attached vessel on its rear hull in a narrow italic font and the shuttle number in large font along the midhull. Later shuttles had the registry number without the prefix in the standard font used on the hulls of starships, the Starfleet pennant along the ship's "belt" and the shuttle number in a smaller font contained within the lines of the pennant.



Type IV Array: 2

Shielding Systems

Light Shielding System
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