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Every ship, station, base, or outpost can expect at some time or another to play host to guests and VIPs. Whether they be visiting dignitaries, distinguished scientists, noted civilians, or flag officers, protocols demand that they are treated with the utmost respect to their position. Aspects of their culture must also be observed and, if necessary, catered to. This is especially important in regards to their lodgings while aboard. Small vessels, such as the Defiant and Hornet classes, are not equipped to entertain guests or VIPs, and would only be expected to do so in the most extreme of circumstances. Most other ships, however, have certain quarters set aside for dignitaries. In most cases, they are as furnished and decorated as lavish as the Commanding Officer's suite---if not more so.

Typically this involves stylish and ornate furnishings, warm colors, and ports with the best views. The rooms can be readily coverted to whatever atmospheric conditions best suit the occupants. A replicator, holographic projectors, null gravity beds, provisions for children and pets, and live plants are just some of the amenities available. Care is taken, however, to make sure the guests actually approve of such decor; certain species can be difficult to please.