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The Xanthi are canine evolved species whose homeworld (Xanthe) borders Federation and Gorn space. There are two M-class worlds in the star system, the other world, Aragos, being home to a sentient avian race. Wars have been fought between the two worlds for nearly 100 years. Approximately 40 years ago, Xanthi scienists developed warp speed to secure more resources to fight the Aragans.

The Xanthe were initially resistant to Federation control, but joined when they were completely surrounded by UFP space (and when the Aragans joined). Despite this resistance, they went from first contact to full Federation membership in a mere forty years, a process that is still controversial in many circles. In the past decade, the Xanthe social order has been threatened by revolution. With peace between Xanthe and Aragos, there was no longer any need for their large military. The Iron Claw Pack, once the main power in the Xanthe military, attempted a coup. They attempted to take over the Prime City and nearby territory along the Calain River. Starfleet Marines were sent in to pacify the region before a full scale Civil War could occur. Order was restored without any combat, and the Iron Claw Pack was exiled from the Xanthe homeworld.

The Xanthi evolved from wolf-like origins, and their culture reflects some of that. Xanthe culture is based on a pack system, in which the family extends to all relatives back to the 4th generation. A group of families form a clan, and groups of four clans form packs. The Xanthi are a large species, with males growing as large as eight to nine feet tall and weighing more than 400 pounds. Females are more commonly seven to eight feet tall, and around 250 pounds. They have keen hearing, and incredibly fast healing capabilities. They have no immune system. Instead, Xanthe blood carries millions of stem cells that rebuild any body part that requires repair. However they cannot 'regrow' entire limbs or organs, merely repair them.

The Xanthi have a six week mating season roughly once every solar year. During this time, Xanthe hormones run rampant and both genders engage in multiple couplings. Any successful coupling that produces young also bounds the male and female in marriage. The fertilization rate of Xanthi males is fairly poor, and three or four mating seasons can occur before a female is successfully impregnated. Very rarely, after several successful matings, a couple can become “bonded”, and share a telepathic connection. Bonded mates are seen as holy by the Xanthi. The female takes her husband's last name and places it before her name.

There are several mysteries surrounding the Xanthi, including the exact reason for their Federation membership, the reason the Gorn have left them alone so long, the extent of their telepathic ability, and why the amount of illegal and semi-legal activity Xanthe is known for is allowed to occur without penalty.

Singular: Xanthe, Plural: Xanthi, Language: Xanthi