Kanvek class

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Expected Duration0 years
Time Between Resupply0 years
Time Between Refit0 years
Enlisted Crew2
Cruising VelocityWarp 4.1
Maximum VelocityWarp 6.8
Emergency VelocityWarp 7.3 for 4 hours

The information contained on this page has not been accepted by Obsidian Fleet's Research and Development department and is thus not an available ship class for a sim.

The Kanvek class was developed alongside its bigger brother, the Hideki class during the 2360s. It was the first attempt by the Cardassian Union to re-vamp its aging auxiliary craft fleet in some forty years. Taking a cue from the Federation's Danube class, it was planned that the new shuttle be readily converted to fit different roles. Unfortunately, the Cardassian Central Command had a heavy hand in the design, which did not deviate much from existing ones. This made modularity and conversion nearly impossible, so it was decided to build two versions: a everyday passenger version and a cargo version.

The resulting spaceframe had decent speed and better-than-average range, and while it had some shortcomings when compared to other species' shuttles, it was a far cry better than anything the Cardassians had fielded in a long time. Unique among the class is the lack of a dedicated projectile launching system, something the designers left off in favor of heavier armor. However, two full-size torpedos can be carried in special outriggers on the wings.

Defensive Systems