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Like any other game or simming group, the USS Wolff has a few rules we expect our players to follow. We're a pretty laid back simm so the rules are straightforward and simple. The Wolff is a member simm of Theta Fleet so their rules also apply and can be found Theta Fleet Rules. Access to the website is governed by a separate set of policies which can be found on our Website Terms of Service page.


To keep the sim flowing smoothly I expect the following from every writer:

  • One post per player every two weeks.
  • Tags are to be responded to within 48hrs.

This can be a solo post, a joint post(JP), or even just a simple personal log. Posts are to be reasonable in length, 300 words (per player if joint) is considered an acceptable minimum. Likewise, if you are writing the 24th century version of War & Peace, say anything over 1500-2000 words, feel free to break it up into multiple parts of around 1000-1500 words. The 48hr response time for tags is so that JP's can be completed within a timely manner and is only fair to other writers.

One thing that is highly frowned upon is writing other characters without their consent. Characters (and PNPC's) are considered the property of their player and may not be used without the player's consent. Only the CO, or another player the CO designates, may write for your character, and this is typically only to move the storyline along, or write your character out of the story if required.


Playing Characters are the property of their respective players and may not be used without their consent. Only the CO/XO may write a Playing Character if required, typically to move along a stalled post, or to provide continuity upon player departure from the simm.

Non-Playing Character's bring a rich variety to the ship and as such, I encourage everyone to create a number of NPC's for the Wolff. NPC's allow you to play a different department then your main character and make interaction within the group that much richer.

We have two kinds of NPC's aboard. Regular NPC's are free to use by anyone as long as you don't do anything major like killing them off. If you need a redshirt, feel free to invent a disposable character for the post. Protected NPC's are characters directly controlled by a player and as such cannot be used except with the consent of the player. These are typically background characters related to the player's main character in some fashion, a spouse perhaps.


I'd like to see players logging into the site at least once a week, preferably more often. It let's me know you're alive and checking the site for new tags to mission posts. If you are going to be unable to post for a while, please let me know why and for how long. This way we can work around you so other players aren't waiting for your input.


The Wolff is a 18+ rated simm. Certain content is not suitable for minors, nor do we accept players aboard the Wolff that are under the age of 18. Per the Universal RPG Rating system, the USS Wolff permits up to the following:

  • Language: Swearing is generally permitted. However, the language used cannot be severely abusive.
  • Sexual Content: Sexual content is permitted. References and writing about genitalia and sex acts are permitted, but explicit detail is not.
  • Violence: Graphic is permitted. Explicit description or in-game narration of violence is allowed.

These are the allowed maximums for individual posts, however are not considered the norm for this simm. Normal content for the Wolff is similar to what has been seen on the various Startrek TV series and movies, and is typically PG-13/14A.

Any player wishing to post above a PG-13/14A rating (level one on the scale) is required to place an [18+] tag in the title.

Failure to correctly tag posts will be handled per the Wolff's disciplinary policy. Players who post an excessive amount of higher rated content (as determined by the CO & XO) will face disciplinary sanctions including, but not limited to, moderation of their posts and possible removal from the simm.

If you are unsure about whether something you wish to post is too graphic, please speak with the Captain or the XO, and either of us would be happy to take a look.


This is pretty straightforward aboard the Wolff. If you don't post or log in for a long period of time, and no LOA has been requested, expect to get an email from me. If I don't get a reply to my email in a reasonable time, you'll get placed on inactive status and your position opened up to others. If this happens multiple times, expect to get kicked.

Other stuff is covered on a case by case basis. Minor stuff will most likely see myself or the XO counsel you in what's considered appropriate conduct. Major stuff will most likely result in formal reprimands, demotions, and even removal from the simm. The really big stuff, like harassment, don't be too surprised if you find yourself standing before the Judge Advocate's office.

-Captain M'Elise Emerson CO, USS Wolff