Galen Border Conflicts

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The Galen border conflicts were a series of skirmishes between the United Federation of Planets and the Talarian Republic, fought over a three-year period in the late 2350s. Although technologically inferior to the Federation, the Talarians compensated by a willingness to fight to the death and the employment of unconventional guerrilla tactics. One such tactic was to send out a general distress call from an abandoned Talarian observation craft, then triggering the ship's auto-destruct program when Starfleet personnel beamed aboard to investigate. This tactic was responsible for some 219 fatalities over a three day period during the conflict.

The conflict took place over several border planets, including Castal I and Galen IV. A peace treaty (often called the Talar Treaty) was signed in 2359, establishing a proper border between the two powers and settling planetary ownerships issues.